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Leave of Absence FAQ's 
1 - What do I need to do to request a leave of absence?
  • You must complete and return a request for leave of absence form. You must also include any supporting documentation with the leave request form. This form only needs to be completed when requesting 10 or more consecutive days of leave.
2 - What documentation is required?
  • Parental Leave - If the leave is due to birth please see Medical Leave information below. If the leave is due to adoption a copy of the approved                             adoption paperwork will be required.
  • Medical Leave - You will need to provide a doctors note that includes a beginning and estimated end date on it.
  • Educational Leave - You will need to provide the approved paperwork into an educational program (ex. Principal's Fellows) or a copy of your                                     class schedule.
  • Worker's Comp Leave - Please see medical leave above.
  • Other - Provide any supporting paperwork (ex. Military deployment orders)   
3 - Can my co-workers donate days to me?
  • Yes, you may receive donated days from your co-workers. 
  • Sick Leave Days - The maximum number of sick leave days each co-worker can donate is 5 and they cannot reduce their sick leave balance to less than 5 days. You may not receive more than 20 total donated sick leave days from non-family members.
  • Annual Leave Days - Co-workers can donate annual leave days but may not donate more than the amount they earn in one year. They may not reduce his/her annual leave balance below one half of what that person can earn in a year. Ten month employees must retain enough annual leave days to cover the annual leave days built into the school calendar.
4 - Do I qualify for Extended Sick Leave days?
  •  Only Classroom Teachers qualify for extended sick leave days.
5 - What should I do if I need to extend my approved leave?
  • In order to extend your approved leave you will need to complete a new leave request form starting the day after you original request ends and submit it with new documentation (ex. doctor's note). 
If you have any questions regarding leave requests please contact Carolina Gutierrez at cgutierrez@rock.k12.nc.us or (336) 627-2678.