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Central Elementary

Schoolwide Discipline Plan

Goal:  To provide a positive safe learning environment that promotes

           mutual respect and cooperation.

Purpose:  To promote good behavior.


PBIS Pledge: 


As a Panther Cub, I will climb high by


Listening and learning

Insuring safety 
M aking good decisions 


Being respectful and responsible


S how self control.


 Grades K-2                                                                         Grades 3-5

1.  verbal warning                                                     1. verbal warning

2.  time out and conference                                          2. isolation and conference

3.  parent contact                                                     3. parent contact

4.  administration intervention                                        4. administration intervention


Classroom Awards

Schoolwide Awards- Each Nine Weeks

End of the Year Award


I have read and understand Central’s Schoolwide Discipline Plan.




________________               _______________              _______________

Parent                                   Teacher                              Administration                                          



__________                       __________________

 Date                                  Student