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Central Elementary

Schoolwide Discipline Plan


Goal:           To provide a positive safe learning environment that promotes

                     mutual respect and cooperation.

Purpose:     To promote good behavior.


PBIS Pledge: 


As a Panther Cub, I will climb high by

 Listening and learning

Insuring safety 
M aking good decisions 

 Being respectful and responsible




 Grades K-2                                      Grades 3-5

1.  verbal warning                                                   1. verbal warning

2.  time out and conference                                        2. isolation and conference

3.  parent contact                                                   3. parent contact

4.  administration intervention                                     4. administration intervention


Classroom Awards

School Wide Awards- Each Nine Weeks

End of the Year Award


I have read and understand Central’s Schoolwide Discipline Plan.




________________               _______________              _______________

Parent                                   Teacher                              Administration                                          



__________                       __________________

 Date                       Student