• Dropout Prevention Coordinators

    Rockingham County Schools (RCS) employs Drop Out Prevention (DOP) staff in each of the four (4) middle schools and the six (6) high schools. The Dropout Prevention Staff of each school works closely with individual students and their families to determine the cause(s) of student absences and tardies. They work to build plans to provide support and to remove barriers so that students can be in school daily.  The DOPs work closely with the school social workers, making home visits, and checking daily and period attendance so that they can communicate more effectively with parents. The Drop Out Prevention Staff  frequently advocates for the student with other staff members and works to ensure that individuals over age 16 are aware of the opportunities available to them if they decide not to finish their high school program. 

    Having site-based Drop Out Prevention designees allows RCS to focus on building relationships with students while helping them overcome barriers to academic success. The primary focus is on prevention, intervention and recovery. RCS are committed to accomplishing the district's goal of increasing the number of students that graduate in four years. School Drop Out Prevention staff report directly to their school administrator and work in collaboration with their school's Powerschool Data Manager, School Social Worker, School Counselors, School Nurses, Student Health Centers, College Advisors, GEAR UP Staff (if present at that school) and the school administration to provide the following services:
    • Assessing student needs; 
    • Assisting in the identification of students with special needs;
    • Coordinating services for families and students;
    • Helping students develop appropriate social skills and improved self-concept;
    • Helping to identify a student's strengths;
    • Helping and resolving barriers to education;
    • Intervening in situations involving family dysfunction;
    • Meeting with students individually and in groups;
    • Networking with community agencies and identifying resources;
    • Participating on intervention teams;
    • Providing consultation and program coordination;
    • Providing outreach to parents;
    • Providing and attending staff development;
    • Serving as an advocate for the child's educational needs;
    • Participates in activities that promote good relationships through PBIS such as Check In, Check Out; and
    • Works with school data managers to ensure that Drop Out Verification Forms are accurate for their school.
     For more information about the function and duties of Drop Out Prevention Staff, you may contact the office of Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Cindy Corcoran at 336-627-2688.