• ROCK STAR Appearance Request Form

    “The purpose of a mascot is to symbolize school and community spirit used to enhance the tradition and emotions of its audience through exaggeration, characterization, and entertainment” (Universal Cheerleaders Association).

    RCS’s Star mascot represents the district as an ambassador and entertainer at school or district events.
    About ROCK STAR

    In addition to being RCS’s #1 fan, ROCK STAR is representative of our community– from alumni, faculty and staff to students, parents, and friends of RCS.


    ROCK STAR has a unique passion for helping all RCS students become productive citizens and life-long learners.


    He considers all members of the RCS community to be his extended family members, since he now resides in the district. He’s fond of competition, but makes every attempt to be a good citizen in everything he does.   

    General Mascot Appearance Guidelines

    Make your next event extra special.
    ROCK STAR is now available for appearances around Rockingham County Schools!!

    Please submit your appearance request at least 4 weeks prior to the event. All reservations will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis and will be fulfilled depending on availability. School-wide events are the most beneficial (ie. school assemblies for character education, school spirit, pep rallies).  Mascot availability is limited on nights and weekends.

    Submitting the request form does not guarantee an appearance by ROCK STAR. RCS staff will contact you via e-mail upon receipt of completed form.


    • Please note that like most mascots, ROCK STAR does not speak. The RCS mascot is intended only to create visual presence and pose for pictures.
    • It must be understood that ROCK STAR’s maximum time in the suit is 45 minutes for an appearance and less than that in excessive heat and humidity.
    • The hosting school/organization is required to provide a private, SECURE location for the Mascot to use to dress/change before and after the event as well as during rest intervals.
    • ROCK STAR will need to be accompanied by a “spotter” who is responsible for guiding ROCK STAR (he's still a bit clumsy and isn't aware how big he really is).
     If you should have any questions or need additional information please contact the Public Information Office at 336-627-2602. Thank you for your interest in having ROCK STAR at your RCS event.