• Lateral Entry Teaching Information


    To qualify for a Lateral Entry Teacher License you must have the following:

    • A four year degree from a Regionally Accredited College or University (Please contact your College or University to verify their accreditation).
    • An overall GPA of 2.5
    • Your degree must be closely associated with the area in which you teach. (See Sample Relevant Degree Areas below).
    • If your degree is not closely associated to the area in which you are interested in teaching, you must have a 2.5 GPA overall and have at least 24 semester hours in a particular subject matter, you may be eligible for a Lateral Entry into that area. (For example you may have a degree in Business Administration, but have 24 semester hours in Math; you may be eligible for a Lateral Entry into Math.)

    Mail a copy of your official, degree-dated transcript to:

    Rockingham County Schools
    ATTN: Human Resources
    511 Harrington Hwy.
    Eden, North Carolina 27288

    If your qualifications meet our needs, you will be contacted for a screening interview.

    If you become employed by RCS, the District will help you apply for your NC Teaching License.

    • You will need to associate with a College or University with an approved Teacher Education Program in your area of license or work with the Human Resources Office to apply with the Regional Licensing Center.
    • You will be responsible for completing a minimum of 6 semester hours of coursework each year for a maximum of three (3) years.
    • Take and pass the Praxis II exam.

    If you have additional questions that cannot be answered with this information, please contact us at (336) 627-2678.

    Sample Relevant Majors for Lateral Entry

    • For Lateral Entry into Art Education (K-12) Art History, Fine Arts, Applied Arts
    • For Lateral Entry into Business Education: Business Administration, Secretarial Science
    • For Lateral Entry into Elementary Education (K-6): Child Development, Early Childhood Education, Child Psychology, Child and Family Studies
    • For Lateral Entry into English as a Second Language (K-12): Spanish, English, French, German, (typically any Foreign Language would be accepted)
    • For Lateral Entry into Family & Consumer Sciences*: Homes Economics, Child Development, Child & Family Studies, Culinary Arts, Hotel & Restaurant Management, Interior Design, Foods and Nutrition
    • For Lateral Entry into French (K-12): French
    • For Lateral Entry into Health Education (K-12): Health, Public Health, Health Promotion
    • For Lateral Entry into Health Occupations*: Nursing, Medical Technology
    • For Lateral Entry into Marketing Education*: Business and Marketing, Merchandising
    • For Lateral Entry into Music Education: Music Performance, Musicology, Music Industry, Applied Arts (concentration-Music) Voice, Instrumental Music
    • For Lateral Entry into Physical Education (K-12): Exercise Science, Sports Administration, Recreation, Sports Management
    • For Lateral Entry into Secondary English/Middle Grades Language Arts: English, Literature, Speech, Communications**
    • For Lateral Entry into Secondary or Middle Grades Math: Mathematics, Engineering or any type.
    • For Lateral Entry into Secondary or Middle Grades Science: Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Physical Science, Engineering of any type
    • For Lateral Entry into Secondary or Middle Grades Social Studies: Economics, History, Political Science, Sociology
    • For Lateral Entry into Spanish (K-12) Spanish
    • For Lateral Entry into Special Education Areas (K-12) Psychology, Sociology, Child Development, Social Work, Speech Language Impaired, Counselor
    • For Lateral Entry into Theater Arts (K-12) Theater, Drama, Performing Arts

    * Note: These are Career/Technical Education Areas, which require previous work experience.

    ** Note: Communications Degrees can often be generic in nature and are typically only accepted for Lateral Entry into Middle Grade Language Arts ONLY.

    Please note that these are sample relevant majors only, Licensing is determined on an individual basis by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.