• Rockingham High School
                            Career and Technical Education
                                          Courses for School Year 2014 - 2015
    AU10 - Agriscience Applications
    AA21 - Animal Science I
    AA23 - Animal Science II Small Animal
    AS31 - Agriculture Mechanics I
    AS32 - Agriculture Mechanics II
    AP41 - Horticulture I
    AP44 - Horticulture II - Landscaping
    BD10 - Multimedia and Webpage  Design
    BF05 - Personal Finance
    BM10 - Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Publisher
    BM20 - Microsoft Excel and Access
    CC45 - Career Management
    FA31 - Apparel and Textile Production I
    FA32 - Apparel and Textile Production II
    FI51 - Interior Design I
    FI52 - Interior Design II
    HU10 - Health Team Relations
    HU40 - Health Science I
    HU42 - Health Science II
    HN43 - Nursing Fundamentals
    IT11 - Automotive Service
    IT12 - Automotive Brakes
    IT13 - Automotive Computer System Diagnostics
    IT14 - Automotive Electrical
    IT15 - Automotive Electrical Advanced
    IP11 - Introduction to Public Safety
    IP31 - Fire Fighter Technology I
    IP32 - Fire Fighter Technology II
    IP33 - Fire Fighter Technology III
    IC61 - Drafting
    IC62 - Drafting II Architectural
    IC63 - Drafting III Architectural
    IL89 - Introduction to Design (STEM)
    ME11 - Entrepreneurship I
    ME11 - Entrepreneurship I Co-op
    MH31 - Sports and Entertainment Marketing I

    MH31 - Sports and Entertainment Marketing I Co-op
    MH32 - Sports and Entertainment Marketing II
    MH32 - Sports and Entertainment Marketing II Co-op
    CS95 - CTE Advanced Studies
    CS97 - CTE Internship

Last Modified on September 17, 2014