• Students in Rockingham County Schools are blessed to have access to a number of online programs that facilitate learning.  Your child's RCS Net ID/Google ID and password provide access to his or her media center's eBooks and his/her library account information (overdues, holds, etc.), videos and other learning objects via Discovery Education, and digital production via Google Drive and Wixie.  Your child's teacher will make you aware if he/she is using any other online programs including, but not limited to: Edmodo, ScootPad, LearnZillion, IXL, and Quia.
    If you have not had "the talk", with your child about online safety and the permanence of content that they publish online, the following information may be helpful to you:
    Destiny (Library Software)
    If the above link is not working, or if it clocks, but never loads, please click here to report the outage, to let us know that your child's log in is not working, or to request that your child's information be sent home again.   The My Info. tab lets students see what they have checked out and when it is due back. Students can renew their own books.  The Catalog tab allows students to search for books, place holds for books, and write reviews for books that they have read.
    Your child's Net ID and password provides them access to educational videos, science content, and much more. 
    Google blurb  
    Your child's Net ID login with @rock.k12.nc.us added to it and your child's Net ID password provide access to Google docs that your child's teacher has shared with him/her and allow your child to use the applications within Google Drive. 
    Wixie blip  
    After clicking on the Google button, enter your child's Net ID with @rock.k12.nc.us added to it and your child's Net ID password provide access to a collection of collaborative online applications that your child can use to showcase and organize his or her learning.  
    Your child's A.R. log in provides information about their scores on quizzes, their progress in the current A.R. period, their previous quizzes, and even allows you to sign up for email notifications.