• Frequently Asked Questions on
    School Closings Related to Weather


    1. How will I know when schools are closed or delayed due to inclement weather?


    The decision to close school or to operate on a delayed schedule will be announced by 6:00 AM., if possible.  The announcement will designate what plan to follow. The announcement will be made on the RCS District website at www.rock.k12.nc.us, on the RCS Facebook/Twitter pages, an RCS Alert Now phone message, on local TV or radio stations and on the RCS Weather Line at 623-1385.


    2. How will I receive notification of an early dismissal due to weather conditions if school is already in session?


    If bad weather begins after school is in session, school may be dismissed early to permit student to get home before roads become too dangerous.  Again, please check the RCS District website at www.rock.k12.nc.us, the RCS Facebook/Twitter pages, local TV or radio stations or the RCS Weather Line at 623-1385.


    3. I work during the day and I don't want my child to be home alone. How will I know where my child will go if school is dismissed early?


    Student safety is our number one priority when inclement weather occurs. Elementary and middle school parents have been asked to provide a written plan for their child when early dismissals occur for inclement weather. School administration will follow the plan unless they are notified differently. (Note: Parents should check with their child's school if they are unsure whether a written weather plan is available or when the plan is revised.)


    4. Why are all schools in Rockingham County canceled if roads are hazardous in only one part of the county?


    Rockingham County Schools is a consolidated school system comprised of 25 schools and follows a unified school calendar developed by state law. Therefore, all schools are closed when hazardous conditions exist only in one part of the county.


    5. How will I know which roads will be traveled when inclement weather occurs?


    Regular bus routes will be followed unless noted “snow routes only”.  If “snow routes only” is noted then buses will not travel on unpaved roads.


    6. If I cannot take my child to school due to inclement weather conditions, will he/she be counted absent?


    Yes. Students must be in school in order to be counted present. However, the absence is an excused absence (please send a note) and school administrators and teaching staff will work with you and your child on make-up procedures for class time missed.


    7. When it starts to snow during the day, why isn't school cancelled immediately?


    It takes approximately two hours to get all our buses and drivers ready to move on a different schedule. Buses have to be re-fueled and drivers recalled to school. Many drivers work additional jobs, so finding drivers in inclement weather is a challenge. Because we are working with so many variables, school administrators are in constant contact with the weather service, and colleagues in nearby counties regarding weather and potential storm movement. The decision to dismiss school early is made as soon as possible, with top consideration given to bus safety and the safety of student drivers at the high schools.


    8. What about teen drivers?


    We are always concerned about the safety of our teen drivers. With a lower level of experience driving in inclement weather, teen drivers are apt to take unnecessary risks. The decision to let any student drive to school on any given day, good or bad weather, is a parental decision.