• Healthy Active Children Policy

    In 2005, the North Carolina State Board of Education passed the Healthy Active Children Policy. The State Board recently updated the policy to reduce obesity and address hunger. The policy includes the following:

    * Local education agencies (LEAs) should establish a School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) of school, community and health representatives, families and students. SHACs should oversee the Healthy Active Children Policy, Local Wellness Policy (LWP) and coordinated school health.
    * LEAs should have a LWP that includes goals for nutrition education and promotion, physical activity, and other activities to promote student wellness.
    * K-8 schools should offer 30 minutes of physical activity every day. Elementary schools should move toward 150 minutes/week of physical education and middle school 225 minutes/week of health education with certified teachers.
    * Recess and physical activity should not be taken away as a form of punishment.
    * LEAs should have guidelines for all foods and beverages on campus, offer healthy food/beverage options for students, limit marketing to only healthy foods/beverages, offer nutrition education and choose options other than food to reward students.
    * LEAs should evaluate progress, complete annual reports, and share the results.
    Visit www.ncpublicshhools.org for more info.

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