• Land Use Study 
    Land Use Study  

    Land Use Study includes two components :  Community Interviews and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis


    The purpose of the community interviews is to capture stakeholders’ knowledge and perceptions of key trend indicators, factors encouraging growth, factors constraining growth, and transportation and water/sewer issues that may impact residential and non-residential developments.


    Community Interviews were held Mid-January, 2017


    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) parcel data provides quantitative data concerning available parcels and subdivisions lots that can be used to identify areas of future growth. Student demographic analysis can also be conducted at this stage to better understand socioeconomic components that may influence school assignment decisions.

    Finding Reports:

    First Findings Report was presented to the Board of Education on March 13, 2017.  
    Click here for the Findings Report. 
    Land Use Final Findings Report - detailed Land Use Report