Our Safe Return to Learn!

Important Information for RCS Families and Staff

RCS Cares About Your Safety!

Student COVID-19 Vaccines Are Available!


EXCITING NEWS!  We have had a wonderful opportunity through Cone Health to obtain COVID-19 vaccination clinics for our students, ages 12 and above. Cone Health will provide the vaccines for the students at the four traditional high schools on a schedule.   Participation is voluntary.   There is no charge for the vaccinations; however, we will need signed permission (see this link here for a letter and consent form: http://bit.ly/RCSCONSENTFORM) from each student’s parent or legal guardian that provides consent for their child to allow health officials to administer the Pfizer vaccination. These events are also open to the community and any interested staff who have not received their vaccine. 


Here is the schedule of the clinics for the high schools:  http://bit.ly/RCSStudentVACCINE 


We hope our students and families will take advantage of this and other opportunities offered in our community to protect your child and loved ones from COVID-19 by getting vaccinated. 

We are grateful to Cone Health for making this special opportunity possible. If you have any questions, please contact your school principal or your school nurse. 

New Updates as of May 16, 2021 and May 19, 2021!!

May 16, 2021 COVID-19 Update: 

We wanted to provide you an update from the StrongSchoolsNC Toolkit. As you are aware, the Governor’s Executive Order 215 provided additional updates and lifting of restrictions for COVID-19.  Some of the highlights are listed below:

  • In accordance with the recent Executive Order 215, face mask requirements have changed for the state of NC. Please note, face masks are still required at schools for all students, workers, teachers, guests, and other adults, and children ages five or older when indoors at all times.

  • Please see additional COVID-19 updates here:  May 16, 2021 COVID-19 Updates


May 6, 2021 COVID-19 Update: 

In accordance with the StrongSchoolsNC Toolkit and recent Executive Order 209, face mask requirements for outdoors have changed. Please visit the RCS webpage or the link below for new updates that our district will now implement.  Safety is a top priority and we appreciate your support as we work very hard to keep everyone safe.  We continue to remember to monitor our symptoms prior to coming to school and making sure to engage in safety precautions. Also, we are continuing to  make sure to follow the 3 W’s (Wash Hands, Wait 6 feet Apart, and Wear our Face Masks).  We will continue to remain vigilant and follow our safety precautions! RCS Cares about your safety!  Please see the link here for COVID-19 Updates and information! Thank you for your support!



March 2021 UPDATE: RCS Grades 6-12 will begin in-person learning five days a week beginning March 30, 2021.  Remote learning options are still available for students in Grades PreK-12. A remote learning day will also occur on March 29th to allow for staff to receive their second dose (RCS Staff Vaccine Clinic-2nd dose scheduled for 03-28-2021) and to plan for potential side effects that may occur. In addition, the RCS Board of Education approved for Prek through 5th grade students to attend in-person learning five days a week beginning March 22, 2021.

Click Here to see a summary page of all RCS COVID-19 updates! 

1.  Every family must submit a RCS Attestation Form below for each of their children in their family on or before to January 21st! Thank you!



2. Please view the Snapshot Review of RCS Cares About Your Safety! Please also see the RCS "Plan A" Infographics!

3. Please view the RCS Cares About Your Safety:  Our Safe Return to Learn Guidebook!

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4. View the RCS Prevention and Response Procedures for COVID-19


5. RCS Cares About Your Safety! Please see the RCS Communication Procedures for COVID-19 and also the RCS  Case Count Report for more information.







6.  Please view the RCS Cares About Your Safety: Our Safe Return to Learn Video to Learn Video (only 4 minutes) video below which details our safety protocols in a quick way!   

7.  Please view the Our Safe Return to Learn Video Recording (about 20 minutes) and accompanying google slides Safety Protocols Presentation which details safety protocols

8.  Please view the Our Safe Return to Learn Master FAQ Document below which is organized for quick reference.



9.  Please view the PPE Guidance and Directions Document below that details PPE and equipment received at schools.


10. Please see the updated health screening questions for Elementary and Middle/High School Students. These health screening questions are used when taking students in from buses or car rider lines each day. (These are no longer required for students.)

11. Vaccine Information and Updates:
Rockingham County Schools RCS Cares Team had the vaccine clinic for our staff in March 2021 and it was a great success!

Also, please review the documents below!

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