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SPARK Design Lab

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For more information on program available, contact the Career Development Coordinator at your school. 

High-Tech Learning Accelerator 


The High-Tech Learning Accelerator offers a new way to learn while earning credit toward graduation. You define your path: choose from more than 50 learning experiences, move at your own pace, and learn with students, teachers, and tech industry professionals from across North Carolina. The Accelerator lets you dive into high-tech fields including Esports, Game Development, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, User Experience Design, Software Development, and more. You can choose to survey several areas or go deeper in the topics that interest you most. There is no prerequisite. You can choose learning experiences that are online, in-person, or a blend of the two. This is a great first experience for students who have never explored careers in high-tech fields, and it’s also an excellent starting point for students who’d like to accelerate towards earning an industry-recognized credential.

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