• School Improvement Team (SIT)

    G.S. §115C-47 (38) mandates the duty of local boards to ensure each principal establishes a school improvement team and that the composition of the team complies with G.S. §115C-105.27 (a).

    G.S. §115C-105.27 (a) also directs schools to establish a School Improvement Team (SIT) to develop a plan to improve student performance. School improvement teams shall consist of the following members:

    • the principal of the school;
    • representatives of the assistant principals;
    • representatives of instructional personnel;
    • representatives of instructional support personnel;
    • representatives of teacher assistants assigned to the building;
    • representatives of parents of children enrolled in the school.

    Representatives of the assistant principals, instructional personnel, instructional support personnel, and teacher assistants shall be elected by their respective groups by secret ballot. Participation in the school improvement planning process by the personnel noted above is a legal requirement.

    Adapted from:  North Carolina School Improvement Planning Implementation Guide

Last Modified on February 27, 2014