• Grading Report Dates for 2017-2018
    All high schools in Rockingham County are on a nine-week grading period. Reports cards and midterm reports are sent home with all students on the dates specified below.  Parents are encouraged to contact the school if students do not bring grade reports home on the dates listed below.
     Progress Reports Issued Grading Period Ends Grades Due Report Cards Issued
    Week of Sept. 25th Oct. 25th Nov. 1st Nov. 7th
    Week of Nov. 27th Jan. 12th Jan. 17th Jan. 23rd
    Week of Feb. 19th Mar. 22nd April 2nd April 6th
    Week of May 1st June 1st June 1st June 12th
     ** NOTE:  Students who have not returned textbooks, library materials or paid school fees or lunch charges will need to clear these debts to pick up report cards.


Last Modified on October 30, 2017