• Morehead High School Students build an electric car to compete in the EV Challenge.

    By Max Dooley

    Eden, NC – A small group of dedicated students are striving to make a difference.  They are known as the Morehead High School Electric Vehicle club, or MHSEvTeam.  They’re goal is to build alternative fuel vehicles that are not dependent on fossil fuels. They do this by accepting the EV Challenge.

    About The EV Challenge

    Established seventeen years ago, the Electric Vehicle (EV) Challenge is an incredibly inspiring and high profile education program where high school students:

    • Build real, full-size plug-in electric vehicles.

    • Participate in a yearlong educational program and competition.

    • Learn numerous skills including: applied engineering and environmental science, electrical troubleshooting, public speaking, and community service.

    The program is often a life-changer for students and has a significant positive impact on their view of science , technology, engineering and math.  The program is currently serving high schools in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, West Virginia, and Iowa and would like to grow to include a national reach.

    This year’s final event is slated to take place at the North Carolina Center for Automotive Research (NCCAR) in Garysburg North Carolina on April 12th. - 14th.  The competing schools will participate in various events which include an oral presentation, Jeopardy, troubleshooting, and includes driving events such as the range event, acceleration event and autocross event.

    About the MHS EV Team


    The EV team at Morehead High School started four years ago with the original conversion of a 1997 Saturn SL2.  The vehicle was a donation to the school’s program that was no longer running and had been involved in a minor collision.  That first year the vehicle was converted to 96 volts DC current.  Each year the vehicle is torn down and reconfigured and improved upon.  In it’s current state, the vehicle runs on 156 volts DC and enjoys the addition of power steering and power brakes this year.  It is configured as a clutchless manual transmission that is capable of high way speeds with a range of approximately 50 miles.  Perfect for that inner city daily commute.  The MHSEvTeam is excited about the opportunity to compete at the EV Challenge this year with high hopes of a great performance.  

    Click on the following link to learn more about the EV Teamhttp://mhsevteam.wix.com/mhsevteam#!the-ev-challenge/c1ams