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    Salvete! Quomodo valetis hodie?

    (Or, Welcome! How are you today?)

     Why Latin?
    Latin is one of the best languages to learn for several reasons. For example, having a basic understanding of Latin will help you learn other Romance languages, which are similar in vocabulary and syntax. Also, while English is a Germanic language, it still derives much of its vocabulary (not to mention prefixes and suffixes) from Latin. Latin will certainly come in handy on the SAT's.
     Wonderful Latin Quotes
    Magna vis veritatis quae facile se per se ipsa defendat.
    "Great is the power of truth that can easily defend itself with its own force."

    Nemo enim fere saltet sobrius, nisi forte insanit.
    "Almost nobody dances sober, unless he happens to be insane."

    Non omne quod nitet aurum est.
    "Not all that glitters is gold."

    Saepe creat molles aspera spina rosas.
    "Often, the prickly thorn produces tender roses."

    Faber est suae quisque fortunae.
    "Each man is the smith of his own fortune."
    Appius Claudius Caesus

    Per aspera ad astra.
    "To the stars through hardship."
    Lucius Annaeus Seneca

     Great Latin Links
    I, Claudius Homepage
    This is a great site based on the 1970's movie version of Robert Graves' I, Claudius (Twelve one-hour parts, starring Sir Derek Jacobi, Brian Blessed, Sian Phillips, Patrick Stewart, etc.). The story itself is a historical fiction written in the form of Tiberius Claudius' autobiography and details the murder, deceit, decadence, and lies of Rome's first four emperors. Believe me, this is an awesome story.

    Perseus Digital Library
    An excellent resource for homework; includes declensions, conjugations, and grammar.