• What can I expect my child to learn?

    You can expect your child to receive instruction that is based on North Carolina's Standard Course of Study.
    How can I expect my child to learn it?
    • Rockingham County Schools has made great strides in an effort to improve instruction through the use of 21st century technology. All middle school teachers have daily access to an Active Board, a Document Camera, Devices, and a Data Projector.
    • Integration of subject matter is key to understanding. Teachers create lessons that are designed to help students apply math and reading skills in all subject areas.
    • You can also expect your child to learn in a safe and orderly environment. Our teachers and administrators understand that very little learning occurs when a child feels unsafe. Our school's are committed to providing a  safe and orderly environment for our students.
    • Character Education supports student learning. Such virtues as Responsibility, Self Discipline, and Perseverance contribute greatly to a child's success in school and throughout life.
    How will I know if my child learned it?
    • Report cards are issued at the conclusion of each quarter for elementary, middle and high school students. You can expect a report of you child's progress one week after the conclusion of each grading period. Grading period ending dates are listed near the bottom of the Rockingham County Schools Calendar.
    • Students receive several assessments in the classroom including; but not limited to the following: teacher made tests, district benchmark assessments, district mid-terms, teacher made common assessments, etc.

    What help will my child receive if he/she did not learn it?

    • Teachers are expected to collaborate with other teachers in an effort to devise strategies for those students. Strategies may include: regrouping, reteaching, small group remediation, and after school tutoring. 
    • Collaboration Around Student Achievement (CASA) occurs in schools to help teachers provide academic support to students who need additional help mastering content.
Last Modified on July 3, 2018