• Rockingham County Schools
    Student Media Policies
    Local Newspapers, School Newspapers, and Yearbooks
    Student pictures and names are sometimes published in local newspapers, school newspapers, and yearbooks. Terrific Kids, awards, sporting events, and other special activities are often highlighted by the media and we would want to recognize your child’s accomplishments. Students’ full names will be released to newspapers and will be in the yearbook.
    Presentations or Slide Shows
    Student pictures are sometimes displayed in slide show presentations at the end of the school year or at other times, and may be made available in digital format as supplements to the yearbook, or in a separate format.
    Student Art Work, Poetry, Fiction and other Student Work
    Work done by the student may be displayed within the schools or sent to places outside the school for viewing by the public. It may be published in literary magazines or other forms. The intent is to honor and recognize outstanding work of our students. Students’ full names will be used with their work.
    School Web Site
    Technology plays an important role in our schools. Students are exposed to a number of programs that will help them improve in academics. Our school has a web site that features the faculty and staff, our classrooms, and the many programs that are offered to our students and their families. We would like to celebrate student achievement by posting student work and pictures of students working together in the classroom and participating in school activities on our web site. We will not put any student’s last name on our web pages. No personal information will be given regarding those featured on our web site. The material will not be used for any commercial purposes and no payments will be made to the participants.
    No Pictures Please!!
    Complete this “NO PICTURES PLEASE” form only if you do not want the school to publish images/work as described above in the Rockingham County Schools Student Media Policies. 
    The student should return the form to their school.
    I do not want my child’s picture/work used in:
    Circle all that apply:

    Local Newspaper                     School Newspaper          Yearbook
    Presentation/Slide Show           Literary Magazine           School Web Site


    (Please Print!!!!!) 

    Student ID#: _________________________________
    Date: _______________________________________
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