• Telecommunications Policy
    The use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use of this privilege will result in the cancellation of that privilege. Students are responsible for the educational, ethical, and legal use of their own accounts and materials obtained through Internet and other electronic networks. The student exercising his/her privilege to use the Internet as an educational resource shall also accept the responsibility for all material received through his/her account.
    All Internet access will be filtered. Network accounts are to be used only by the owner of the account. Students are required to keep ID/Password confidential.
    Students should be aware that electronic mail is not guaranteed to be private. System operators have access to all mail. Student access to e-mail will be filtered accounts monitored by the instructor.
    A student has the responsibility to report to his/her teacher all violations of security to his/her account. Messages relating to or in support of illegal or unethical activities will be reported to the authorities.
    Approval is required from the student's instructor prior to subscribing to a newsgroup and/or list from the network.
    Students are not to give out personal information such as a home address or phone number to anyone via electronic networks.
    Any use of the network for commercial gain or profit is prohibited.
    Students will accept responsibility for keeping copyrighted software of any kind from illegally entering the school over electronic networks.
    Students will accept the responsibility for keeping all inappropriate files or files dangerous to the integrity of the network from entering the school through the Internet.
    Students will use proper network etiquette. The use of inappropriate language or harassment is not acceptable. Appropriate bibliographic citations must be given for all information obtained through electronic networks. Students are to limit their pursuit of information through electronic sources to curriculum-related activities.
    Vandalism will result in immediate cancellation of user privileges and possible restitution.
    The Board of Education recognizes that electronic resources of all types are becoming a vital part of an up-to-date education for our students whom we are preparing to become technologically literate citizens. It is the goal of the schools to offer students the opportunity to examine a broad range of options and ideas in the educational process, including the privilege to locate, use and exchange information and ideas on the Internet and other electronic networks.
    The ultimate responsibility for a student's actions in using the Internet and e-mail rests with the student and his/her parents(s)/legal guardians. Parents/legal guardians have the option of requesting that their child not be provided with access to the Internet. To exercise this option, parents must sign the Parental Request to Restrict Access, which is available in the student handbook.
Last Modified on March 6, 2012