• The SCORE Center (est.1999) is located inside of the Booker T. Washington Learning Center at 401 Moss St, Reidsville, North Carolina. We are a K-12 alternative school. Students assigned to the SCORE Center come from RCS middle schools and high schools, as well as from other alternative schools or alternative programs outside of our district. Our goal is to assist students with transitioning back into the traditional school environment through a focus on behavior and academic success.  We address at-risk students' needs through small class size, a very structured environment, and a wide range of support systems.  

    We are a PBIS school and have been awarded Exemplar Status for four of the last five years, including the 2017-18 school year.  For more information on PBIS, please see our page on the PBIS program at Score.

    There are TWO programs that serve the needs of our students: 
    *The Long Term Placement Program
    *The RCS Day Treatment Program
    Students are assigned to the Long Term Program through the Office of the Superintendent following a hearing for violation of state or district rules and policies.  Students may also be referred via the Central Office Referral Committee, an interdisciplinary team of educational professional who, following an initial home-school evaluation and interventions, assess if placement is in the student's best interest.
    Long Term Students are assigned for the duration of the existing semester (minimum).  During their assignment, emphasis is placed on maintaining or improving academic standing, addressing the behaviors that brought them to the SCORE Center, participation in one-on-one or small group sessions, and improving their attitude and behaviors through the use of our PBIS program.   Students may receive a combination of direct instruction and computer based instruction through the APEX model.  
    Historical Data for the Long Term Program 

    Total Students:  80        EC:  26% 
    High School:  57 
    1st semester: 26 
    2nd semester:  31
    Middle School:  23

    Total Students:  86         EC:  31% 
    High School:  69 
    1st semester: 25 
    2nd semester:  44
    Middle School:  17
    Total Students:  91         EC:  26% 
    High School:  73 
    1st semester: 35 
    2nd semester:  38
    Middle School:  22
    Total Students:  116          EC:  20% 
    High School:  78 
    1st semester: 48 
    2nd semester:  30
    Middle School:  38
    Total Students:  97         EC:  23% 
    High School:  59 
    1st semester: 24 
    2nd semester:  35
    Middle School:  38
    The RCS Day Treatment Program provides an alternative school setting for children and adolescents who have significant difficulty in a traditional school setting due to behavioral and/or emotional issues. The program is designed for students/consumers in grades Kindergarten through 12 who exhibit a variety of mental health disabilities.  The focus of our Day Treatment program is to address the mental health issues while providing classroom instruction.  Students receive ongoing mental health interventions during the school day in addition to character education, therapeutic skill development, behavior management, adaptive skills training individual and group counseling, and related positive behavior support activities and reinforcements.  Classrooms have a maximum of 8 students served by a certified teacher, qualified professional, and paraprofessional.
    ****All students are required to participate in an on-site intake meeting and orientation session before enrollment is finalized in either program. Parents/Guardians are required to attend.  Any other supportive adults are welcome to attend as well.


Last Modified on August 27, 2018