• Common Core State Standards


    Common Core Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are a set of shared, Kindergarten through 12th grade national standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics.  The Common Core standards will allow teachers to develop students’ understanding of the content on a deeper level by focusing on the most vital concepts.  The Common Core standards also provide a more logical progression of skills that spiral and build in complexity from one grade level to the next.  



    North Carolina Essential Standards


    NC Essential Standards North Carolina Essential Standards are the content area standards developed specific to North Carolina.  While Common Core State Standards include only English Language Arts and Mathematics, North Carolina has created Essential Standards for all other subject areas.  The Essential Standards are aligned with Common Core Literacy Standards and professional development is being provided for teachers in integrating these literacy skills across all content areas including:

    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • World Languages
    • Arts Education
    • Healthful Living
    • Guidance
    • Instructional and Technology Skills
    • Occupational Course of Study
    • English Language Development
    • Career and Technical Education


    For additional information regarding the Common Core and Essential Standards please review the following links:
    If you have questions regarding Common Core and Essential Standard Information please contact the following:
    • Your child's teacher
    • Your child's school
    • Dr. Charles Perkins, Assistant Superintendent K12 Curriculum & Instruction, nhardy@rock.k12.nc.us