• Curriculum Overview
    Teachers and students at Dillard Academy participate in state recognized curriculum and instruction. Dillard utilizes Common Core   and N.C. Essential Standards as the guide for our planning, curriculum and classroom lessons. In addition, Dillard also has adopted several research-based learning programs.
    English Language Arts- BALANCED LITERACY
    Dillard uses the Balanced Literacy Model for Instruction in English Language Arts. Two components of Balanced Literacy are balanced reading and balanced writing. Students are engaged in Reading Workshop during this time. Reading workshop combines direct instruction and student reading practice. Mini-lessons, independent activities, and sharing are all components of this block. During the reading block at Dillard, students are engaged in the following:
    10-15 minutes of Modeled Reading
    Frequent daily use of Shared Reading
    20-30 minutes of Guided Reading
    10- 15 minutes of Modeled Reading
    30-45 minutes of Shared Reading
    20-30 minutes of Guided Reading
    30 minutes of Independent Reading
    In addition to this model Dillard also has several reading programs that enhance the daily English Language Arts curriculum and/or offer additional support to struggling readers and writers. These include:
    Leveled Books
    Small Flexible Grouping
    Dillard Academy uses a variety of North Carolina Department of Public Instruction materials in the instruction of mathematics. Recently, our district has trained core teachers at each school in Math Foundations. Currently, Dillard hosts a First Grade Model Classroom in Math Foundations. This classroom is open for other teachers across the county to observe best practices in math. In addition, the classroom teacher, Angela Southard, is available to offer other Dillard teachers support in Math Foundations within their own classrooms. The following practices, materials and activities can be observed daily in Dillard classrooms during the math block.
    Hands-0n Math Foundations Activities
    DPI Strategies
    Daily Problem Solving
    Week By Week Essentials
    Keeping Skills Sharp
    DPI Indicators
    Math Stars
    Marcy Cook Number Sense
    The staff at Dillard Academy strives to integrate the daily curriculum and technology. They are committed to educating the whole child and are committed to excellence in education. This means preparing every student in 21st century skills. Dillard is currently working towards expanding our current technology with additional instructional technology. In addition to our fully functional computer lab, all classrooms in grades 3-5 are equipped with ActivBoards. These interactive boards are ensuring that students are able to access a variety of technology daily during lessons. Students are able to interact through technology and are immediately assessed on their understanding of the curriculum.
    The North Carolina Science Curriculum is currently undergoing revisions to become hands-on learning units. Teachers at Dillard are currently utilizing hands-on processes in the form of science labs, research projects and exploratory problem solving experiments. Dillard is also the location of a pilot LASER classroom utilizing the new science kits and proposed curriculum units. Students also participate in hands-on learning through field trips and exciting programs brought from outside sources.
    Social Studies
    Rockingham County has just adopted new Social Studies textbooks. These books are aligned with Common Core and N.C Essential Standards are consumable and have a variety of materials available to supplement the social studies curriculum. These include maps, desk atlases, on-line learning links, social studies based leveled reading books, etc. In addition, these books and resources are available on-line for student and parent use at home and school. At Dillard we also supplement the curriculum by planning a variety of educational field trips. These include visits to local historical sites and our state capitol. Our fifth grade students also participate in an annual trip to Washington D.C..
Last Modified on June 21, 2018