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    Choral Club- Dillard's Choral Club performs at Dillard PTO Meetings and offers their beautiful voices to share the world of music with parents, staff, students and community members. Not only does the Choral Club perform for the student body, they also perform at off campus events in the community. Chorus meets weekly on Wednesdays until 4:00 after school.

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    Art Club- Dillard's Art club offers experiences with a variety of art media, including water colors, oil painting, sculpture and other exciting projects and activities. Constructing 3-dimential sculptures to beautify our school's cafeteria, organizing creative activities for community nights and designing props for PTO programs, Dillard's Art Club offers an outlet for students to explore their creativity and dreams. up arrow

    Feeling Good Mileage Club- The Feeling Good Mileage Club is a walking incentive program that is designed to promote physical activity during the school day outside the regular Physical Education class. Setting a new school goal each year, the Feeling Good Mileage Club is open to all students. Anyone who walks may keep up with their miles on a card that can be traded in for small "Toe" tokens that can be worn anywhere. up arrow


    Student Ambassadors - Dillard's student council is made up of responsible and caring students from 1-5th grades. These individuals maintain high expectations on class work and behavior and are selected as the leaders of our school.  Their purpose is to welcome new students to Dillard

    Family Fitness Fun Night- Family Fun Night is an educational and fun evening filled with activities which all Dillard students and parents can enjoy! This event is organized and hosted by Dillard's physical education teacher, Ms. Owens, to encourage families to physically active while having fun together. up arrow

    The GoFar Club is a 8 to 10-week comprehensive fitness program initiated to help combat childhood obesity and is a….

    • 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
    • Designed for children of all abilities
    • Program to promote healthy eating habits and good character
    • Flexible program that can be offered in the classroom, during a summer camp, or as an after- school program
    • Fun way for adults to serve as positive role models
    • Curriculum that teaches children -- and adults -- how to set goals, reach goals and successfully and safely complete a 5K run or walk/run
    • Great way to have fun and meet friends!
    Family One Mile Fun Run/Walk- This event is held to encouraging families to be physically activity while having fun. Dillard's Family One Mile Fun Run/Walk is a great opportunity for our school to walk together in our own community. Starting at a designated community location, families walk or run one mile to promote a healthy lifestyle. up arrow up arrow
    Parents Choice Nights- Helping and working with parents is important to Dillard staff.  Parent Choice Night is a night filled with workshops for parents/guardians in a variety of content areas. Each workshop offers important information, handouts, and items that parents can use with their children during the school year.


    Book Fair- At Dillard Academy we have a fall book fair. We welcome all who want to come and purchase books for children as well as adults.  

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