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    Dillard Elementary School has developed a partnership with First Baptist Church of Madison through KIDS HOPE USA-  a program that trains caring older teens and adults how to befriend children and help them learn.  Several students at Dillard are currently benefiting from having a KIDS HOPE USA Mentor.


    A KIDS HOPE USA Mentor is someone who is trained to:
    • Meet with a child for one hour each week at school for a whole year.
    • Work with a child in practicing certain academic skills, including reading.
    • Be a positive role model and friend who could give your child a positive experience. 

    Each child receives a KIDS HOPE USA logo shirt from First Baptist Church of Madison to wear as a reminder that there is a volunteer willing to support and help him/her succeed in school.


    The KIDS HOPE USA program complies with the separation of Church and state.  No religious activity of any kind takes place on school property during school hours.


    Dillard Elementary is very thankful to have this strong partnership with this community group in helping Dillard students succeed!

    To learn more click the KIDS HOPE USA link below.


Last Modified on March 5, 2012