• Discipline Regulation Guide 2018-19  (Please click on this link to view the guidance document.)

    Rockingham County Schools is committed to maintaining safe and orderly schools in order to enhance educational opportunities for all students and to maintain schools as a safe haven.  RCS is also committed to providing fair and equitable programs, sanctions and actions to all students. In order to maintain a safe school environment, we rely on our student’s sense of citizenship and responsibility. Any student that has knowledge of criminal behavior or behavior that would threaten the safety of students at school should report the information to the school principal. You may also report safety concerns to Crime Stoppers at 349-9683.

    Detailed student behavior standards are established in Board policy series 4300.  For complete information on behavior standards, students and parents should consult Board policy and related administrative regulations.  These documents are available on the Rockingham County Schools website. 

    Administrators reserve the right to adjust consequences based on history and circumstances in order to maintain safety.  In addition, identified students with special needs may have different sanctions or actions based on their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and/or based on special education or disability law. The Code of Conduct provides specific infractions and a recommended consequence for each infraction.  If you have specific questions or would like copies of Board discipline policies or administrative regulations, please contact school administration.