Come Learn and Grow With Us...

    Rockingham County Schools Parent Resource Center began in 1998 as a Title I initiative to increase parent involvement in education in Rockingham County. Believing that every parent wants to help their child to learn and accomplish as much as possible during their years of public education, resources are made available to help parents become an informed partner in meeting their child's learning needs. The Parent Center offers information and resources to help make learning interesting and fun for families. Services to families with pre-school and school-age children are available at each of our locations in Eden and Reidsville. 
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    Teachers can also provide referrals to the Parent Resource Center by completing the Parent Resource Center Referral Form for Teachers online.  This information will be used by the Parent Resource Center Staff to assist families by guiding them to the best materials to meet student learning needs. 
Last Modified on October 10, 2017