• Psychological Services Overview
    There are nine school psychologists employed by the Rockingham County Schools. Each school psychologist usually serves three schools and spends time each week at each school. They use their training and skills to team with educators, parents, and students to create safe, healthy learning environments for all students, addressing issues such as learning difficulties, behavior problems, social skills, school safety, crisis prevention and intervention, emotional health, and adjustment issues. Some of the services that school psychologists provide may include the following:


    • Provide comprehensive psychoeducational assessment and interpretive services;
    • Collaborate with teachers and parents regarding learning, social, and behavioral issues;
    • Promote tolerance, understanding, and appreciation of diversity within the school community;   
    • Address problems related to learning;
    • Assist with behavioral interventions;
    • Provide counseling to help resolve conflicts and problems in adjustment;
    • Help others better understand child development and its relationship to learning and  behavior; and
    • Help schools prepare for and deal with crisis situations.


    In the challenging world of today, school psychologists contribute much to school improvements, safety, early intervention, and appropriate educational programming.