• Beginning with the 2016-17 school year, the students in the long term program at Score follow a "Standard Mode of Dress" or SMOD.  Many people refer to this as a "uniform," but it is a uniform way of dressing rather than a true uniform.
    The dress code for all students is as follows:
    • Khaki pants, shorts, or skirt.  Belt loops are required; however, a belt is optional.  Shorts and skirts must be no more than six inches above the knee. 
    • Solid color shirt, one color.  (No stripes, plaid, images, patterns, or cut outs.)  The shirt may be long or short sleeved.  Collared polo shirts, t-shirts, or button down shirts of any solid color are acceptable.  No tank tops, camisoles, or cut offs.  Shirts must have sleeves.
    • Shoes must have a closed toe (no sandals or flip flops) and must enclose the foot (no slides or clogs).  No boots of any kind.
    • Shirts must be tucked and remain tucked in all day.
    • Clothing must be size appropriate.
    • No rips, tears, holes, frays, or cutoffs in any item of clothing.
    • No head gear, head bands, or scarves can be worn inside the building.
    • No jewelry, including watches.  No piercings except for earrings.  Earrings must be small and cannot be drug or gang related.
    • Gym shorts may not be worn.  Gym shorts are not underwear.  A student who is caught wearing basketball shorts or gym shorts under their pants will be asked to remove the shorts, will be subject to searching, and will be written up for a dress code violation.
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