• Because of the way the programs at the Score Center are structured, we do not have a PTO and our students do not participate in any fundraisers.  As a result, we rely heavily on the charity and goodwill of the community to supplement our budget for supplies and special programs.  We have been blessed with donations of clothing, shoes,  and other personal items for our students.  We also have generous volunteers.  Special guest speakers who come to our school also donate their time.  Several of our local businesses have consistently supported our efforts through the donation of coupons (Sheetz) and discounts or donations of food items for our Thanksgiving meal or staff appreciation meals (Sagebrush and Food Lion and Subway).
    This year we received generous donations from Osborne Baptist Church and Reidsville Nissan for our Thanksgiving Feast.  We are very appreciative and look forward to working together in the future! 
    Anyone who would like to donate to our PBIS program or future Thanksgiving meals, please contact Flo Macklin at 336-634-3209.