Visitors at the SCORE Center are welcome at any time. Please stop by the main office and receive a visitor's pass.  
    Parents and guardians are required to come for intake with the student. This ensures that all parties are clear on the rules and expectations of the Score Center.  Intakes are held by appointment on Tuesdays at 9am.
    To schedule a conference with your child's teachers, please contact Mr. Hicks.  Students who have a team of people working to support them are more successful in our program. 
    Parental Involvement 
    SCORE has two days set aside for parent teacher conferences, one in the fall and another in the spring.  This is an opportunity for parents to come and see how their student is doing by conferencing with teachers in a round table discussion.  The exam schedule, transition to the home school, and other opportunities such as Job Corps or Diploma 22 may be discussed at this time.  We encourage parents to attend and utilize the team of professionals in our building as resources.  It is our hope that a semester at Score is a foundation for future success within our district and beyond.
    If you would like to leave feedback for the Score staff, please complete the online survey here.