• **Data comes from a student survey given to students prior to transitioning out of Score.
    • 76.5% of students report that they believe their safety and well being are important to Score Staff.
    • 80.4% of students feel cared about at Score.
    • 70.6% report there is at least one person at Score they feel comfortable talking to.
    • 66.7% report a positive change in their attitude since attending Score.
    • 82.4% report an increase in pride about their academic work while at Score.
    • 70% report a significant change in their desire to graduate since attending Score.

    Score Student Testimonials 
    "The staff here is nice. I like that staff here treat me like a young man. They teach me the way I can understand.  I've changed my attitude and my outlook on school. I'm actually passing now."

    "I have changed a lot since I started at Score.  My attitude and my grades are better."

    "This is the only school i have ever wanted to come to and look forward every morning coming to."
    "I have controlled my anger and I have improved my grades."

    "Since I been here everything has changed.  I don't have an attitude, my grades have improved and I do my work. This has really helped me."
    "My mom and other family have noticed the dramatic change in my grades and attitude since coming to SCORE."

    "Before I came to Score it's like I didn't learn any lessons.  I was reckless.  I would get in trouble, get suspended, and make bad grades.. Pretty much, I just wasn't a good student. I came to Score and developed maturity. I make good grades.  I have the desire to do my work and make a change in my life. I don't get in trouble anymore."

    "I started actually caring about my future and looking at my future and what I can do to help or change that so I can graduate and become a firefighter.  After I lost my dad I started getting in a lot of trouble, and i would use that as an excuse.  but I've realized that I need to take responsibility for my actions. I developed maturity and responsibility for myself and feel like I have helped other do the same."

    "Score is a better school than any regular schools I've been to. The atmosphere is very positive, and I actually look forward to doing my work and coming to school."