• The Score Center serves a population of at risk students through both the alternative school and the Day Treatment Program.  We are committed to teaching appropriate behavioral expectations through our PBIS program (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support). The SCORE matrix emphasizes the following behaviors:  Self Control, Optimism, Respect and Effort.  PBIS is a nationally recognized program designed to teach students pro-social skills and to support behaviors consistent with a positive and safe learning environment. Our program has been recognized for the highest level of achievement (Exemplar) by the state. 


    One of the pillars of our PBIS program is the Thanksgiving meal served to all students, teachers, support staff, bus drivers, and invited family members.  It is imperative that we reward and positively reinforce not only students, but also parents, teachers, and staff for displaying positive behaviors that reflect dedication to learning and citizenship.  The holiday season is the perfect time to highlight this goal.   

    Prior to 2011, staff provided frozen turkeys to families that were identified as “in need.”  Out of this grew the idea to feed all students and staff together at the Score Center in a communal setting.  To make this happen, we turn to our community stakeholders for assistance. Special thanks this year to Reidsville Nissan and Osborne Baptist Church for their contribution.  Even with a small staff and no PTA program or on site fundraisers, the staff is committed to providing this meal, contributing both their time and financial support of this effort.  It has become a symbol of our care for our students and of the commitment of the community to our program.   
    On November 18, we served approximately 40 students, 25 teachers and staff, and 20 guests in the Score Cafeteria which was decorated with pumpkins and turkeys and other seasonal items. 
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