Student Behavior Contract

    (Grades 6-12)

    I Know I have a right to:

    • Be in a safe and supportive learning environment, free from discrimination, harassment, and bigotry;

    • Know the difference between appropriate behaviors and what behaviors that may result in disciplinary actions;

    • Be counseled by members of the professional staff in matters related to my behavior as it affects my education and welfare within the school;

    • Due process of law in instances of disciplinary actions for alleged violations of school regulations for which I may be suspended or removed from class;

    I agree to:

    • Regularly attend school and be on time;

    • Be ready to work at the start of class;

    • Show respect to ALL members of the learning community;

    • Resolve conflicts peacefully, to avoid fighting inside and outside of the school;

    • Behave respectfully, without arguing, and cooperate when a staff member gives direction or makes a request with the understanding I will be given the opportunity to voice my concerns at an appropriate time and in a respectful manner;

    • Adhere to the dress code of Khaki pants with belt loops and a solid colored shirt;

    • Refrain from any gang activity, including gang signs, calls, chants,movements, handshakes, or conversations;

    • Refrain from conversations dealing with drugs or sex;

    • Follow all rules of the SCORE Center given to me and discussed with me during intake;

    • Behave responsibly as a student of the SCORE Center using self-control, optimism, respect, and effort to ensure a successful transition;

    Goals for Students:

    1. Student will follow all school rules and behavior expectations;

    2. Student will work diligently on all academic work;

    3. Student will present proper decorum at all times;

    4. Students will return to their home school at the specified time;

    Rewards if Goals Are Met:

    1. Student will return to their home school as scheduled;

    2. Student will gain more self-esteem and self-control;

    3. Student will return to their home school more prepared emotionally and academically;

    Consequences if Goals Are Not Met:

    1. Student can receive Out of School Suspension;

    2. Student can be assigned to a longer stay at the SCORE Center; ( SCORE Administrator)

    3. Student can be long termed from the SCORE Center resulting in lacking credits to continue towards graduation;

    4. Student can be long termed from the SCORE Center and be reassigned to return to the SCORE Center the following semester; ( Dr. Scott)

    Major Infractions: May result in immediate long term suspension.

    1. Fighting

    2. Disrespect or threatening of staff

    3. Bringing contraband on campus

    4. Attending school under the influence

    I have received a copy of the rules and regulations, and understand the contents of this contract. I agree to follow the rules of positive behavior. By signing this contract all parties agree to the stipulations in the document and will follow accordingly. The contract will be reviewed by the principal, counselor, teacher(s), student and parent/guardian when applicable.

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