• School Social Workers
     The school social worker works cooperatively with school personnel and community resources to meet the individual needs of students and their families in order to provide the opportunity for success for all students.  There are seven school social workers serving the 25 schools within our district. 

    Services provided by the school social worker may include the areas of: 

    • Attendance monitoring

    • Mediation/District Attorney and Juvenile Court referrals or petitions

    • Excessive tardies
    • Parent/Teacher conferences

    • Parent contacts-phone calls/letters
    • Individual and group activities

    • Home visits
    • Forms/Releases

    • Academics/Homework/Make-up work counseling       
    • Community resources referral/liaison

    • Clothing needs
    • Hygiene/Health Education

    • Intake staffing at SCORE

    • Transitions for homeless students and families

    • SSMT Participation

    • Student advocacy

    • Other duties as assigned. 


    Dr. Cindy A. Corcoran, Assistant Superintendent

    For Instructional Support Services

    511 Harrington Hwy.

    Eden, NC  27288 

    (336) 627-2688 


    Revised - 7.18.12


Last Modified on May 9, 2016