•      Classroom Instruction

    Leaksville-Spray is proud to offer small flexible reading groups for reading instruction in Grades K-2 and follows Rockingham County’s balanced literacy model in grades 3-5. Leaksville-Spray is fortunate to have on staff a trained literacy coach and a trainer for Math Foundations. In addition, this year the school also provides small group instruction in math relying heavily on best practices in the area of math. We are a Title I school. The federal government provides additional funding for staff and instructional supplies. Our Title I staff are trained in Wilson Reading and SRA and work with small groups each day to assist those students who have demonstrated that they are in need of additional instruction in the area of reading. A remedial teacher works exclusively with students in grades 4-5 to provide additional remedial assistance in the areas of math and reading as well.

Last Modified on October 25, 2013