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    415 Highland Drive
    Eden, NC 27288
    Phone: 336-627-7068
    Fax: 336-627-8823
    Brief School History
    Leaksville-Spray Elementary School was completed in 1994.  It has a distinctive design which is both attractive and functional. Housing Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, it provides a rich learning environment for all of its students. The new building replaced two other schools which were closed.  To commemorate this event, two time capsules were created at Leaksville-Spray Elementary.
    time capsule
    The Leaksville- Spray Elementary School serves as a source of pride for each of us because it represents the commitment and hope that the citizens of our community place upon education and the future. Leaksville-Spray Intermediate School provided this community with a rich tradition and model of learning throughout the community for nearly one hundred years. The Eden City Board of Education visualized the need for the construction of a replacement school that would serve to educate its students for the next century.  Thus, the process began. After the merger to the Rockingham County School System, the vision of the ECS Board was completed. The Moseley Group from Richmond, Virginia designed the 600 student building which was built by the Hodgin Construction Company.  The school houses six area classroom pods, an administrative area, gymnasium, and a central core which houses the media center, resource rooms, computer labs, and the cafeteria.  Each classroom pod contains four classrooms, a work area, and restrooms. The cafeteria and gymnasium are connected by a stage which can be used with either area. Four crayon-shaped beams support the cafeteria ceiling, which has a cupola and suspended lighting. The gymnasium has a rubber-based floor to support and cushion activities in physical education classes.
    recess equipmentrecess equipmentrecess equipment
    In 2004 we added Fit America equipment.The media center houses 
    over 10,000 books. The school is carpeted and air-conditioned.
     What is Unique about LSE?

          Leaksville-Spray’s staff believes all children have the right to have highly qualified and dedicated teachers and other staff members who know that all children that walk through the door are special and deserve our very best. We are dedicated through the unique programs that we provide to the success of all children. At the same time, we set our standards high for student behavior, student character and the respect for all individuals in the building. We are a community of learners both children and adults. With the assistance and the involvement of our student’s parents, we believe that nothing can beat hard work and dedication.

    Student Number with Ethnic Composition
    Number of Students---499 as of 2015-16
    White 52%
    African-American 18%
    Other 30%
    Grades Served
    Pre K thru 5
    School Colors
    Green, Black and White
    Student Hours
    7:45 am - 2:45 pm
    Office Hours
    7:15 am - 4:30 pm
    ABC Results 
     2010-2011 School of Distinction
    2011-2012 Title I Reward School
    2012-2013 School of High Progress - NCDPI
    2013-2014 Piedmont Triad Educational Consortium Signature School 
Last Modified on October 2, 2016