• Monroeton PTA
    The Parent/Teacher Association is an excellent way for parents to become involved and support the activities of the school.  The PTA supports the children by becoming involved in many aspects of the school.  Periodically, the PTA will sponsor fundraisers in an effort to provide extra instructional supplies for the classrooms, additional activities and programs for the children, rewards and incentives for a variety of activities, etc.  We will hold regular PTA meetings and several other PTA sponsored events.  All parent and/or interested individuals are extended an open invitation to attend any activity associated with the PTA. We hope you will see the PTA as an extension of the regular instructional program and an opportunity to become involved in your child's education.

    At Monroeton Elementary, we take great pride in our PTA.  This is one organization in which parents and teachers can work together in an effort to make our school better.   Through this organization, we have many working committees.   Whether or not you can help during the school day does not matter.  We will find a way to put your special interests or talents to work.  If you are interested in becoming involved, contact the PTA, monroetonelementarypta@gmail.com.  It is never too late to become involved.  

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Last Modified on February 5, 2016