Special School Events
    Students in grades K-5 look forward to New Vision's Annual STEM Fair. Using grade appropriate science and mathematics objectives, students plan and create projects focused around a STEM theme. They are encouraged to think outside the box and use unique ideas and resources in their projects-they never let us down. Judges from all over the county help with the selection of winning entries, but the part we love most about STEM Fair is sharing students' projects with the community and other students. See you at STEM Fair!
    Another favorite at New Vision is the time students spend with Mrs. Deb Holland, our Music and Art teacher. Studies show that students learn and retain information more effectively if the learning process involves the student in music, lyrics or movement. With this in mind we teach and reinforce many of our course objectives through a class called "Jingles." Mrs. Holland meets with students in grades K-5 once a week, to teach body movements and catch-y lyrics that help students learn and remember key concepts. Although you'll see music and movement in all New Vision classrooms, Mrs. Holland really outdoes herself in "Jingles" class. It's a great way to learn!
    Mrs. Holland also organizes an ART Show every September for all students K-5. Students may enter a variety of categories. Prizes are awarded for first, second, and third place and honorable mention. After the Art Show, be sure to view our students' work at the State Employees' Credit Union on Chief Martin Street in Madison.  
Last Modified on September 13, 2016