• Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS)
    What is PBIS?  PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventtion and Support which is a school wide program that focuses on the positive actions we want students to practice.  The program ensures that all school stakeholders are consistent with rules and consequences for negative behaviors.  A team is in place that surveys students, staff and parents about areas of concern in the school.  A team develops guidelines for that area and lesson plans to support teachers and students being on the same page with expectations. 
    South End's PBIS Motto
    South End Bears are on the PROWL!
    Respect for
    Ourselves, Others, and Property
    One example is our noise level signals!
    o  Zero Voice:  No noise unless an adult is speaking to you!
    Use this voice in line in the cafeteria, in the hallways moving from class to class, and when an adult gives the signal!
    i Level 1:  Whisper Voice- Only the person beside you can hear you!
    Use this voice when you are on the bus, in the media center, or when an adult gives you the signal!
    z Level 2:  Friend Voice-  Only the people beside you and in front of you can hear you!
    Use this voice when at the lunch table, when you are working with a group in class, or when an adult gives you the signal!
    e  Level 3:  Outside/Presenter Voice-  This is the voice level you would use out on the playground or if you needed to speak very loudly when presenting something to your entire class.
    Only use this voice outside on the playground or if you are talking to your entire class about something!
    South End Bears with GOLDEN PAWSS!
    One of the ways that South End rewards positive behaviors is through giving out Golden PAWSS tickets.  When students are caught practicing respect by an adult, they can be presented with a golden ticket that has PAWSS written on it.  PAWSS stands for Practicing Always Without Someone Saying!  Any adult may have a ticket.  Students who receive a ticket must write their first and last name on it and turn it in to their teacher.  Each week the tickets are collected and a drawing is done during Monday morning announcements!