All About South End Elementary School

     South End School 

     South End Elementary School
     1307 South Park Drive
    Reidsville, NC 27320

     Our History

    South End Elementary School is located on the south side of Reidsville. It is one of the 16 elementary schools in the Rockingham County School System. South End was constructed in 1935. The original structure was built on a four acre lot and consisted of eight elementary classrooms for grades one through seven, an auditorium that also served as a gymnasium, a custodial supply room, a principal's office, two bathrooms, and a 10` by 12` kitchen. At that time children ate in their classrooms.


    In 1949 six classrooms, a library, two bathrooms, and a supply room were added to the original structure. The primary building was completed in 1956. This added another six classrooms for first and second year children. A large modern cafeteria was also added at that time.

    South End School has pride in its past and present and all of the people who help to make it a warm and inviting environment for children.

    Principals of South End

      1. Miss Orene B. Hollowell (1935-1951)
      2. James L. Holmes(1951-1969)
      3. William R. Whittenton (1969-1974)
      4. George Winfield (1974-1975)
      5. John Gentry (1975-1981)
      6. Dr. Bonnie Jo White (1981-1984)
      7. William R. Holcomb(1984-1988)
      8. Jeraldine D. Partee (1988-1998)
      9. Joseph W. McCargo (1998-2005)
     10. Tiffany A. Perkins (2005-2009)
     11. Elizabeth Lynch (2009 -2012)
    12. Angela Martin (2012 - 2015) 
    13. Joyce Smith (2015 - present) 

    Benjamin Bear

    Our Mascot : Benjamin Bear 

             Our Student Statistics 2015 -2016                                                 South End Facts
    White                                                      42.9%                Grades Served :  Pre K through Grade 5
    African American                                    40%               School Colors : Red, White, and Black
    Hispanic                                                   7.6%                School Mascot : Bear
    Asian                                                         2.9%                Student Hours : 7:45- 2:45
    Multi race                                                 6.6%               Office Hours : 7:15 - 4:15