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    The mission of South End Elementary School is to reach and teach all children who enter our classrooms and help them to reach their highest potential.


    We believe as teachers, staff members and parents:


    · All students can learn


    · Learning should be in a 21st Century environment to help students become globally competitive citizens


    · All students deserve a safe, caring and nurturing environment


    · All students deserve our best effort every day


    · All students education is a collaboration involving school, home and the community


    In our school you will see our mission and belief statements in the following ways:


    • Use of 21st Century teaching techniques and technology
    •  P.B.I.S. for a safe, caring  and nurturing environment for our students
    • Teacher’s who are prepared daily for optimum teaching
    • Collaborative lesson plans aligned with RCS Pacing Guides
    • Knowledgeable staff with up-to-date staff development skills 
    • The use of data to drive instruction for students
    •  Open communication between home and school
    • The involvement of our community as a support for South End School both financially and in time and service to our students as available
    • Monitoring of students who are experiencing academic difficulty through Personalized Education Plans with teacher interventions and through our Student Services Management Team that include team interventions as needed for student success
    • Use of state, local and Federal money to support best practices in teaching and learning and to involve our parents as partners in education
    • Evident in the honors and recognitions that South End has aspire to in the past and hope to continue to aspire to in the future such as:
                               2010 National Title I Distinguished School
                               2010 NC PBIS Green Ribbon School
                               2011 & 2012 NC PBIS Model School
     As well ad the various recognitions that you can see on display in our front lobby revealing a proud heritage from the past and present.
    We are proud to call ourselves Bears!