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    Internet Kids

    Funbrain Logo

    FunBrain is the Internet's premier location for interactive, educational games (math, grammar, science) for children and kids of all ages.

    Cool Math 4 Kids

    Math games, fun math lessons, puzzles and brain benders, flash cards for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, geometry, and fractals

    Ask Jeeves for Kids Logo

    Ask for kids uses natural-language technology that allows kids to ask questions, such as "Why is the sky blue?" in the same way they would ask a parent, friend or teacher.

    Scholastic Kids Logo

    Scholastic Books interactive pages where kids can play with their favorite book characters, read about new books, and see software reviews.

    Time for Kids Logo

    Version of the popular news magazine for children.

    A Plus Math Logo

    Educational math activities for grades K-12; Timez Attack is a stunning new video game just for multiplication tables.

    Fema for Kids

    A resources for kids to learn about disaster preparedness. Includes information for teachers and students.

    Discovery Kids

    Enables kids to learn about and develop a variety of adventures and explorations. Visit fan sites, watch video, play games, solve puzzles, and much more.

    National Geographic Kids

    Children's version of National Geographic, including current events and news stories about animals, geography, the Earth, and more. Find games, activities, ...

    Environmental Protection Agency Kids Club

    Environmental Kids Club. Air. Clubhouse. Ask EPA • Art Room • Teachers • Students •

    Kids Government

    The Federal Citizen Information Center's US Kids' Page is a portal site of FirstGov that links to many government agencies' Kids' websites.

    Natural History Museum

    Kids only. Primary navigation. Fun'n'games · Naturecams · Downloads · Picture gallery

    Neuroscience for Kids 

    Search the Neuroscience for Kids Web Site. Can't find it? Try searching the Neuroscientist Network.

    Schools (Primary ages 4-11)

    List of numeracy websites for 4-11 year old students, including games and activities and resources for teaches and parents.

    Discovery Channel

    Offers real life entertainment in shows such as American Chopper, Monster Garage, Unsolved History, and more.

    Web Math

    Web site that helps students do their math assignments.

    Hubble Heritage Project

    Astronomers and astrophysicists comb the rich HST public archive of exposures that has been accumulating for almost a decade and present a new picture each month.

    Weather Wiz Kids

    Meteorologist Crystal Wicker welcomes kids to Weather Wiz Kids. She helps kids learn more about Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Winter Storms, Clouds, Rain and Floods.

    Science News for Kids

    Weekly information and resources on science topics of interest to young people, categorized by topic.

    Kids Planet

    Interactive wildlife and conservation site featuring games, quizzes, fact sheets, stories, teacher resources, and other cool stuff.

    Seaworld Busch Gardens

    Designed especially for students and teachers, this website brings the world of wildlife to classrooms! Download cool animal facts, teacher’s guides, quizzes, activities . . . even check out live animal cams!

    4 Kids

    Designed to highlight fun, educational, and safe spots for kids to visit on the Web.

    Math Playground

    Features math games, word problems, worksheets, and puzzles for K to 6th grade students. Popular Games. Math Millionaire. Algebraic Reasoning.

    Harcourt Math

    Several math games and quizzes for K-8 students.

    Math Lessons that are fun!

    Fun mathematics lessons and games designed by Cynthia Lanius for elementary and middle school children.

    Utah State University

    Interactive online lessons for K-12 mathematics and tools for adapting content and for monitoring student work.

    Marco Polo

    Designed to help students, parents and teachers with subjects ranging from k-12.

    Imagination Factory

    Teaching children and their caregivers creative ways to recycle by making art.

    Cool Science for Curious Kids

    Fun and interactive site to help kids appreciate science.