• South End Safety & Emergency Procedures
    Your child's safety and the safety of our staff and visitors is important to South End.
    How do we at South End help students prepare?
    Annual Drills are conducted to ensure our students, staff and parents are aware of our procedures.  Staff review with students what to do in case of an emergency and then practice.  Visitors are also expected to participate during these drills. 
    Monthly Fire Drills
    Code Blue-  Intruder Lock Down Drills
    Evacuation Drills
    Annual Tornado Drills
    After any drill or emergency, our school will send home an Alert Now phone message and/or letter informing you of the crisis or drill. 
    Our school has a School CRISIS plan that is annually revised, revisited through the year and reviewed with staff.  Procedures for emergencies are planned out in this document.  These key procedures are then reviewed with students annually and then practiced through drills.
    A phone message to all of your contact numbers can be employed in case of a true emergency so that you will can be quickly contacted with important information and procedures. 
    What do I do in case of an emergency?
    In the case of a true emergency, our phone system will be utilized to give you important information and procedures such as where to go to pick up your child should an evacuation of campus be necessary.  Please make sure we have your most up-to-date phone and contact information on file in our front office. 
    What does the School Safety Team do?
    Our school has key members on emergency response teams-  These people are trained in CPR and on the correct use of an AED.  Additionally, there are many staff trained in how to effectively and safely respond to many different types of situations. 
    Our school's CRISIS Intervention Team meets monthly to review accidents and safety procedures in a effort to improve our safety plan, make changes where needed to ensure the safety of our campus and perform checks to ensure our safety equipment is working properly.   
    School Safety Procedures
    Please refer to your South End School Safety Letter that you signed at the beginning of the school year for all basic school safety rules and procedures. (Document is also located on the left)
    Other Safety/Emergency Procedures
    Inclement weather, bus safety, drop-off and pick-up procedures can be accessed on the left of this page. 
    Parent Emergency Contact Information
    At the beginning of the school year you will be asked to give a list of your contact information and the contact information of anyone that can be reached in case of an emergency if you are unable to be contacted.  We also send a letter for you to update this information after the winter break.  Please make sure that you provide us with as much current information as possible.