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    Williamsburg Elementary School
    2830 NC Hwy 87
    Reidsville, N.C. 27320
    336-342-2699 (fax)
     Grades Served:  Pre-Kindergarten - 5th
    Mascot:  "Willie" the Wildcat
    Colors:  Blue and Gold
    Student Hours:  7:45 am - 2:45 pm
    Office Hours:  7:30 am - 4:00 pm
    Dr. Leslie Coleman-Cassell - Principal
    Mr. Nathan Ziglar-Assistant Principal 
    Williamsburg Elementary is a rural, community school in the southeastern corner of Rockingham County.  There are approximately 501 students in grades kindergarten through fifth.  In addition, there is one pre-school classroom funded by Rockingham County Schools.  Also housed in the building is one Head Start classroom.
    As a Title I school, Williamsburg receives additional federal funds to provide extra instructional support for the students. This funding makes it possible to reduce class size in many of the grade levels which helps the students receive more individualized assistance.
    When the new building opened in 2003, personnel from many different schools came together to form the new Williamsburg School. These dedicated, well-qualified individuals work together to provide a stable learning environment for the children of Williamsburg School.
    Staff statistics:
    National Board Certification = 2
    Master's Degree or Higher = 25
    Licensed with 20+ years = 8
    Licensed with between 5 & 19 years = 15
    Licensed with 0-4 years = 5
    At present we have teachers pursuing National Board Certification and Master's Degrees, as well as teacher assistants working on their teaching degrees.  
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    clock  School Hours
    The school day for students is 7:45 to 2:45. No student is to arrive before 7:30 without the principal's permission. Any student arriving after 7:45 will be considered tardy.  Parents must accompany students entering school after 7:45 to sign in at the front desk by office personnel using the card system.  Students must take a tardy pass to enter the classroom.     ALL STUDENTS will receive breakfast and lunch at NO COST.    Adult meals will also be available.  Adult breakfast will cost TBD and an adult lunch will cost $3.75.  Parents are asked to respect teacher planning time in the morning and refrain from entering the classroom until 7:30.
    Parents must report to the office to sign their child out of school if they are picking them up before the 2:45 dismissal. No students will be allowed to check out after 2:00.  Students must be picked up by 2:45.  Students need to stay until 11:25 in order to be counted present for the entire day.   
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    Williamsburg Bus Drivers 
    moving bus
    bus  Bus # 30
    Mrs. Kay Huffines (am)
    Mrs. Jennifer Adams (pm)
     bus  Bus # 44
    Mrs. Regina Gunter (am)
    Mrs. Cheri Brame (pm)
     bus  Bus # 21
    Mrs Faye Thomas, Driver
     Mrs. Earnestine Rogers, Monitor
     bus   Bus #94
     Mrs. Melissa Stanley  (am)
    Miss Samantha Bauguess (pm)
     bus  Bus # 171
    Mr. John Price, Driver
    bus Bus # 125
    Mrs. Cherrie Madren  (am & pm)
    bus  Bus # 179
    Mrs. Joyce Pinnix (am & pm) 

    For bus concerns contact
    Mr. Nathan Ziglar, Assistant Principal 
    Williamsburg Elementary School
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    dog  Behavior Policy
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    bananaCafeteria Information
    Cafeteria manager:  Lena Cook
    ALL STUDENTS will receive breakfast and lunch at NO COST.   
    Adult meals will also be available.  Adult breakfast will cost $2.00 and an adult lunch will cost $3.75.  
    With the beginning of our Universal Breakfast Program students will enjoy breakfast in their classrooms. 
     Breakfast time:   7:30-8:00 a.m.     Breakfast includes:  students will receive a choice from a planned menu
    Parents are welcome to have lunch with their children. School system guidelines do not allow food items from fast food chains to be brought into the cafeteria.  Also, please do not send soft drinks for a child's lunch.  Milk, water, or juice are preferable.
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    School Insurance
    Student insurance is available upon request. Parents will be given the opportunity to sign up for the insurance at the beginning of the year if they do not already have medical insurance for their child. Enrollment brochures are available throughout the year. There are several options available, inlcuding school day coverage for $10.00. 
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    snowflake  Weather Policy
    When bad weather threatens, listen to the local TV or radio stations to find out about delays and closings. The Weather Line for Rockingham County Schools is 623-1385 (Spanish: 349-5476)  For more information:  Rockingham County Schools - School Closings
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    children with ABC blocks ABC Scores and Honors
                                      1996-1997 - Exemplary / School of Distinction
                                      1997-1998 - Exemplary
                                      1998-1999 - Exemplary
                                      1999-2000 - Exemplary / School of Distinction
                                      2000-2001 - Met Expected Growth - missed Exemplary by .4 of a point
                                      2001-2002 - Met Expected Growth - missed High Growth by .2 of a point
                                      2002-2003 - Met High Growth / School of Distinction
                                      2003-2004 - Met Expected Growth / School of Distinction
                                      2004-2005 - Proficient Growth
                                      2005-2006 - Priority School
                                      2006-2007 - Met Expected Growth / School of Progress
                                      2007-2008 - Met High Growth / School of Progress
                                      2008-2009 - Met Expected Growth / School of Progress
                                          2009-2010 - Met High Growth / School of Progress
                                          2010-2011 - Met High Growth / School of Progress
                                     2011-2012 - Met High Growth / School of Progress 
                                          2012-2013 - Met High Growth / School of Progress 
                                         2014-2105- Met Expected Growth 
    Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Results:
                                      2003-2004   Met  AYP  - met 3 of 3 target groups or 100%
                                      2004-2005 - Did not meet AYP - met 16 of 17 target groups 
                                      2005-2006 - Did not meet AYP - met 16 of 17 target groups
                                          2006-2007 - Met AYP2003-2004 - met 17 of 17 target goals or 100%
                                         2007-2008 - Did not meet AYP - met 14 out of 17 target goals
                                      2008-2009 - Met AYP  -  met 19 of 19 target goals or 100%
                                         2009-2010 - Did not meet AYP - met 20 of 21 target goals 
                                         2010-2011 - Did not meet AYP - met 21 of 23 target goals
                                         2011-2012 - Did not meet AYP - met
                                         2012-2013 - Exceeded Growth - met 27 of 31 target goals
                                         2013-2014 - Exceeded Growth - met 29 of 35 target goals
                                         2014-2015- Met Growth
                                        2016-2017 - Exceeded Growth
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    Grades and Report Cards 
    (Click here for info) 
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    Visitor Procedure
    All visitors must enter by the main entrance at the center of the building and report to the school office.  Visitors are required to present a NC ID or NC Driver's License, login using the Ident-I-Kid computerized system and to wear a visitor's badge while in the building.  This is to ensure the safety of our students and staff.
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    2015-16  Student #'s  and Ethnic Composition
    540 as of January 2016
    White - 39.3%
    Hispanic - 31.5%
    Black - 22.5%
    Multi-Racial - 6.7%
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     After-School Care
    The Reidsville YMCA provide an after-school care program at our school for all students who wish to enroll. The cost of the program is set by the YMCA and all fees are handled there. For more information, you may contact the Reidsville YMCA at 342-3307.
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    computer Technology
    The computer lab at Williamsburg School contains thirty Dell computers. A fixed schedule gives each classroom time in the lab on a weekly basis. 
    Our Kindergarten through first grades have Ipads (Color) which not only have access to books to read, apps with educational games as well as access to the internet. 
    Our Third, Fourth and Fifth graders have a 1:1 Chromebook in their classroom to use for reading, educational games as well as access to the internet.

    Williamsburg School also has thirty-four Activboards, all but twelve of which were received through grants won by the teachers.   All classrooms in grades K-5, as well as the computer lab and the enhancement classrooms have an Activboard, Activslate and digital document camera.
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