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Rockingham County Schools

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Eden, North Carolina 27288

Phone:  (336) 627-2600  Fax:  (336) 627-2660

Superintendent's E-mail:  rshotwell@rock.k12.nc.us


Principal/Assistant Principal Evaluation Forms

Principal/Assistant Principal Evaluation Process Manual


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Licensed Teacher Professional Evaluation

Teacher Evaluation Process Manual 

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Support Services Evaluation Instruments 





Classified Evaluation Forms 


Hiring Process Information





Change of Assignment Forms




PEP 2013-14

The PEP online application is hosted in Application Express (ApEx) and has the

same look and feel to the user as the CASA meeting online application. 





SSMT Resources


  • RE1a - word doc

  • RE1b (SSMT Team Interventions) - word doc

  • RE1c - word doc

  • RE2 - word doc



Diploma 21

Request for Alternative Graduation Opportunities - pdf file




Field Trips

RCS Recommended K-5 Field Trip List


Educator Effectiveness Website


Administrative Curriculum & Instruction Website (intranet for RCS Administration only) 




School Forms

(All forms are in both English and Spanish unless otherwise noted)

General School Forms:



Communication Forms for Use with Parents:



Title I Forms:

Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook  


Leave of Absence

Request for Leave of Absence (10 or more days)

  1. Complete the Request for Leave of Absence Form.

  2. Print the form and sign it.

  3. Submit the form to your Principal/Supervisor for signature.

  4. Return the form to the Human Resource Department with a copy of your supporting documentation (example: Doctor's Note or you can have your doctor complete an FMLA Form).


 Employee's Serious Health Condition  - www.dol.gov/whd/forms/WH-380-E.pdf

 Family Memember's Serious Health Condition - www.dol.gov/whd/forms/WH-380-F.pdf 



Voluntary Shared Leave

  1. If you would like to request Voluntary Shared Leave. Complete the Application for Participation Form VSL Form #1.

  2. Print the form and sign it.

  3. Return the form to the Human Resource Department with a copy of your supporting documentation (example: Doctor's Note).


Donating Leave

  1. If you would like to Donate Shared Leave. Complete the Authorization of Donation of Leave Form VSL Form #2.

  2. Print the form and sign it.

  3. Return the form to the Human Resource Department with a copy of your supporting documentation (example: Doctor's Note).


If you have any questions regarding leave requests please contact Carolina Gutierrez at cgutierrez@rock.k12.nc.us or (336) 627-2678.


Leave of Absence FAQ's 


What do I need to do to request a leave of absence?

You must complete and return a request for leave of absence form. You must also include any supporting documentation with the leave request form. This form only needs to be completed when requesting 10 or more days of leave (consecutive or intermittent).


What documentation is required?

  • Parental Leave - If the leave is due to birth please see Medical Leave information below. If the leave is due to adoption a copy of the approved adoption paperwork will be required.

  • Medical Leave - You will need to provide a doctors note that includes a beginning and estimated end date on it.

  • Educational Leave - You will need to provide the approved paperwork into an educational program (ex. Principal's Fellows) or a copy of your class schedule.

  • Worker's Comp Leave - Please see medical leave above.

  • Other - Provide any supporting paperwork (ex. Military deployment orders)   


Can my co-workers donate days to me?

  • Yes, you may receive donated days from your co-workers. 

  • Sick Leave Days - The maximum number of sick leave days each co-worker can donate is 5 and they cannot reduce their sick leave balance to less than 5 days. You may not receive more than 20 total donated sick leave days from non-family members.

  • Annual Leave Days - Co-workers can donate annual leave days but may not donate more than the amount they earn in one year. They may not reduce his/her annual leave balance below one half of what that person can earn in a year. Ten month employees must retain enough annual leave days to cover the annual leave days built into the school calendar.


Do I qualify for Extended Sick Leave days?

Only Classroom Teachers qualify for extended sick leave days.


What should I do if I need to extend my approved leave?

In order to extend your approved leave you will need to complete a new leave request form starting the day after you original request ends and submit it with new documentation (ex. doctor's note). 

If you have any questions regarding leave requests please contact Carolina Gutierrez at cgutierrez@rock.k12.nc.us or (336) 627-2678. 


Name, Address or Phone Number Change Information


Resignation Procedures


  • Read the information below

  • Click on the Resignation link at the bottom of the page and complete the form. 

  • Return the form to the office of Human Resource.


Requirement Notice: 


  • Classified Position: The minimum notice expected is fourteen (14) calendar days. A notice without the expected amount of time will be recorded in the employee personnel record and may influence future employment with the district.

  • Licensed Position: State law requires at least a thirty (30) calendar day notice. Revocation of a North Carolina license is allowable when sufficient notice is not given.


Resignation Notice:


  • Retirements: Retirements can only be rescinded within fourteen (14) calendar days. The fourteen (14) days will begin the date this form is signed and turned in to the Human Resource Department.

  • Resignations: Once this form is completed and returned to the Human Resource Department the resignation may not be rescinded. Resignations can only become effective once received in the Human Resource Department.


Rockingham County Schools Resignation Form



Star Card Program

Employee UID

To obtain your Employee UID (You must be on a networked computer):

  • Go to: http://hrms.rock.rcs (You do not need to register or login with a user name or password)

  • Click Lookup My CEUs/UID,

  • Type in your Social Security Number

  • Click Lookup



Renewal Credit History


To obtain your Renewal Credit History (You must be on a networked computer):

  • Go to: http://hrms.rock.rcs (You do not need to register or login with a user name or password)

  • Click Lookup My CEUs/UID,

  • Type in your Social Security Number

  • Click Lookup

Renewal Credits

Credit requirements for licenses expiring on or after June 30, 2019


CEU Requirements are:


K - 5 Licensure Area Teachers                                  

  • 3 renewal credits in SUBJECT AREA                             

  • 3 renewal credits in LITERACY

  • 2 renewal credits in DIGITAL LEARNING COMPETENCIES


6 - 12 Licensure Area Teachers                                      

  • 3 renewal credits in SUBJECT AREA                             

  • 3 renewal credits in GENERAL

  • 2 renewal credits in DIGITAL LEARNING COMPETENCIES




  • 3 renewal credits in EXECUTIVE'S ROLE                             

  • 3 renewal credits in GENERAL

  • 2 renewal credits in DIGITAL LEARNING COMPETENCIES



REMINDER: Credit is no longer given for teaching experience!


In addition, teachers who complete National Board Certification may earn the credits.  Those who are in the 10 year National Board renewal cycle may earn 2 credits (1 for content and 1 for literacy).

Principals and assistant principals earn 3 credits focused on the school executives role as an instructional, human resources and managerial leader.  For the remaining 5 credits, 3 credits may be general credits, and 2 must be in the area of Digital Learning Competencies. 

The Board’s policy (TCP-A-005) addressing renewal requirements is available online at http://sbepolicy.dpi.state.nc.us (click on NCSBE Policy Manual Table of Contents then the link for TCP series).

Prior approval is required for ALL staff development activities including workshops/college courses by completing an in-district or out-of-district form, so the PD may be added to the HOMEBASE System. All  in-district and/or out-of-district activities require a Certificate of Completion/transcript or grade report for renewal credits to be posted.  Verification items should be sent to Patricia Pearson at New Vision.




The RCS district offers confidential EAP services for employees and their dependents through two agencies: LifeBalance EAP and Carolina Psychological. Both groups provide one or more visits at no cost to you, and will work with you on insurance billing for other visits. You may make direct contact with either program.



Carolina Psychological Associates, P.A. is a large multi-disciplinary private practice with two psychologists and four masters level social workers. The diversity of training and background experience of each staff member enables CPA to provide a wide array of behavioral health services, including:


  • Psychological /Academic Evaluation

  • Individual Counseling

  • Marital Counseling

  • Family Counseling

  • Crisis Intervention and Conflict Resolution

  • Stress Reduction and Management

  • Career Counseling

  • Parenting Issues

  • Psychoeducational Groups

  • Business Consultation

  • Employee Assistance Programs

  • Critical Incident and Trauma Response to Businesses and Schools


Contact Info:

Carolina Psychological Associates, P.A

Guilford Corporate Park

5509-B West Friendly Avenue, Suite 106

Greensboro, NC  27410




Telephone:  336.272.0855

Fax:  336.272.9885




LifeBalance EAP

July 1, 2009, LifeBalance EAP will have  a new address and a new partnership with the Program in Conflict Studies and Dispute Resolution at UNCG.


EAP Consultants:     

Lori Kallam, M.A., LEAP                   Kathy Melvin, M.A., LEAP



LifeBalance EAP

Program in Conflict Studies and Dispute Resolution

Gateway University Research Center, UNC-G

Brown Summit, NC  27214




Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

 After-hours, week-ends, and holidays (24 hour emergency)












A Few Highlights:


  • The location at Gateway University Research Center at Brown Summit (across from the entrance to Bryan Park) remains convenient to Rockingham County while adding potential conference and training space.

  • UNCG faculty advisors with expertise in conflict management are available to employers through the EAP consultants for assistance with policy/procedure upgrades and training needs.

  • EAP consultants have increased opportunities to develop an enhanced referral network in the region for employees needing/requesting assistance beyond the initial EAP visits.

  • Plan in development for a confidential, web-accessed EAP site that incorporates comprehensive behavioral health information and links to resources for employees.

  • For face-to-face visits, employees seeing EAP services will have the option of choosing from the convenient Brown Summit location, on-site at their employer if permitted, or several neutral Rockingham County locations that will be pre-arranged.  Confidentiality will continue to be stressed and discussed prior to arranging initial visits.

  • A revised menu of training options will be offered to employers and will include a focus on conflict management strategies in the workplace along with Team Building, Stress Management, Healthy Choices for Success, Substance Abuse in the Workplace, Conflict Resolution in the workplace, and other training needs identified by employers.



RCS Local Contact: 

Dr. Cindy A. Corcoran

Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Support Services


Rockingham County Schools seeks to promote and support teachers working towards National Board Certification. The Central Office contact person is Angela Martin (amartin2@rock.k12.nc.us).  There are planned National Board interest and support sessions each year.  Please refer to the RCS District Calendar for scheduled interest and/or support meetings.


Please refer to the following websites for up to date information about the National Board Certification process and/or support:


Board Certified Teachers 


NCDPI Candidate Support Page


NCAE National Board Support


NCCAT National Board Support


The following self paced Canvas courses were created for teacher support. 

No CEU credit is attached for completion. 


  • National Board:  Getting Ready for Initial Certification

  • National Board:  Getting Ready for Renewal 


Please fill out this FORM to be enrolled in either course.


Welcome to the information page for Beginning Teachers and Mentors!  


For current information and resources, please visit our BT/Mentor Google Site.  This website gives timely information on available training resources, forms, and handbooks.


There is also great information on the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction WikiCentral Page for Beginning Teachers.


For timelines and links to required documents, please refer to both the Beginning Teacher Handbook and/or the Mentor Handbook located on the BT/Mentor Google Site.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Angela Martin, RCS Beginning Teacher Coordinator at 336-627-2667.  


Rockingham County Schools will hold Retirement Seminars throughout the year.  All employees who are considering retirement are strongly encouraged to attend a seminar.  Employees not planning on retiring this year but who are interested in attending and reviewing retirement projections are welcome to attend.


The seminars provide:

  • An overview of the retirement process

  • Individualized projections for retirement

  • A question/answer session


Pre-registration for all retirement seminars are required. To register for the next Retirement Seminar, complete the online registration form, below.

**** Note:  you must be signed in to your RCS email account!

For further information please contact Carolina Gutierrez at 336.627.2678.