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Information Office

Public Information Office (PIO)

The Public Information Office would like to assist you as much as possible with your information and communication needs. Let’s make sure everyone has a chance to “come inside Rockingham County Schools!”

The Public Information Office is responsible for keeping the community informed and involved in our schools. 

To do so, the PIO:

  • Maintains district web site.

  • Works with the district crisis team.

  • Keeps open communication between the school district and the Rockingham County Board of Education.  

  • Produces the RCS Student Handbook. 

  • Coordinates media releases for local newspapers/TV/radio.

  • Serves as the media’s liaison with the district.

  • Handles the district social media sites. 


RCS Public Information Officer

Sean Gladieux


Public Information Requests

Rockingham County Schools strives to be open and transparent about district information, projects, initiatives, data and challenges. The Public Information Officer tracks and responds to public records requests involving any district department. The public records of Rockingham County Schools are governed by North Carolina General Statute §132-6.2 and Rockingham County Board of Education Policy 5070/7350 - Public Records - Retention, Release and Disposition.


Under N.C. General Statute 132-6.2, records custodians are permitted to charge a fee when copies of records are requested or when the file size for the information requested is larger than authorized to send electronically. This charge is based on the actual cost of making the copy. There is not a fee to inspect public records in person. Please see the statute, linked above, for further information.


You can submit a public records request by emailing our Public Information Officer, Sean Gladieux, at


The request must include:

Name of Requestor

Organization (If applicable)


City, State Zip code


Description of the Request

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