• Early Childcare Centers

    Fulltime Childcare for children ages six weeks to five years are available at our two Early Childhood Centers (ECC). One is located at Reidsville High School and one is at Western Rockingham Middle School. These sites are licensed and include the following:

      1. Infant room providing care for up to eight infants
    2. Toddler room providing care for up to ten toddlers
    3. Preschool class providing care for up to eighteen preschoolers (one class at RHS, two at WRMS)

    Through collaboration with other agencies, the preschool program offers childcare, More at Four, and special education services. The Department of Social Services works with Rockingham County Schools to provide subsidized childcare for eligible children. The integration of program resources allows Rockingham County Schools to meet the needs of many children and to provide inclusive opportunities to students with disabilities.


    The Rockingham County Schools’ Early Childhood Centers function as a community of learners in which all participants, teachers, and families contribute to one another’s learning and well-being. The Early Childhood Centers are child centered programs where care is provided in a healthy, safe, and inviting environment. Children are active learners and therefore receive opportunities for play, exploration, and hands-on learning experiences. In each classroom learning is fun and relevant to children’s lives so that they can become successful lifelong learners. To encourage learning, teachers plan and facilitate these experiences providing a balance of child and teacher-directed activities. Teachers serve as positive role models, modeling the skills and behaviors they wish the children to learn. The Early Childhood Centers also recognize parents as the primary caregiver. The Centers understand that parents are the child’s “first teachers” thereby encouraging the Centers and parents to be partners in providing care. Moreover, the Early Childhood Centers are inclusive programs; by serving children with and without disabilities, the Centers are able to create a program that truly reflects the lives of the children, families, staff, and community. Children learn to respect and acknowledge differences in abilities and talents and to value one another for their strengths and individuality.

    ECC Staff
    • DPI licensed birth-kindergarten preschool teacher and site administrator
    • Speech pathologists and other related service staff available as needed
    • Lead teachers and site specialists are available on-site to work with families
    • All staff members are certified in CPR and First Aid

    ECC Site Locations
    Reidsville High School
    5 star-rated
    Western Rockingham Middle School
    4 star-rated

    ECC Hours of Operation

    The ECC Program operates twelve months per year from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday. It is also open on teacher workdays and makes every effort to open when school is closed due to inclement weather.

    For More Information

    For more information on the Early Childhood Centers or for fee schedules, call 548-2460.