• Summer Reading

    Rockingham County believes that reading is important and, therefore, encourages its students to read during the summer.  If you are a regular English student, we ask that you read at least one of the novels listed for your grade level; if you are an honors student, you must read two under your grade level list.  You may read the AP and IB books, if you choose.  AP and IB students are required to read all of the books that are so designated.


    You will be tested on the book(s) the first day of school, August 25.  Paper/project will be due the first day of the class.  To find the assignment paper/project for your school/teacher for the fall, please go to your school’s web site (McMichael High, Morehead High, Reidsville High, Rockingham County High).


    Due to the advanced notice given to students regarding this assignment, inability to obtain the text will not be regarded as an excusable reason for turning the assignment in late.  All students are responsible for securing a copy of the book.  Keep in mind that public libraries have limited quantities, and so it is not advisable to rely exclusively upon a library to be able to provide a student with a copy of the book.



    English IV


    The Poisonwood Bible (AP)                Mother Courage and her Children  (IB)

    The Stranger   (AP)                              Hedda Gabler  (IB)

    Crime and Punishment  (AP)             Three Sisters  (IB)

    Sense and Sensibility                           1984

    Frankenstein                                         Wuthering Heights

    Lucky Jim


    English III


    The Awakening (AP)                                      A Raisin in the Sun  AP

    The Things They Carried (AP)                        The Count of Monte Cristo (IB)

    The Jungle

    Wish You Well

    The Five People You Meet in Heaven

    The Sun Also Rises 


    English II


    Nectar in a Sieve


    The Death of Ivan Ilych

    The Joy Luck Club

    Maus 1:  A Survivor Tale


    English I


    A Separate Peace

    A Midsummer Night’s Dream

    All Creatures Great and Small

    The Call of the Wild

    The Hobbit

    A Lesson Before Dying