• Welcome to the Library Media Center 

                      Mrs. Becky Magyar, Media Specialist                    
    We are proud to Welcome Mrs. Becky Magyar to the Williamsburg family as Media Specialist.  She brings energy and excitement along with her love of books and children to the Williamsburg School Media Center.  
    Our media center operates under a flexible schedule with open circulation all day, beginning at 7:30 for students. The media center is open 7:30 am - 3:30 pm daily and is available outside of those hours upon request. 
    Library Schedule 
    The Williamsburg School library has a fixed/flexible schedule. For the first half of the school year, students came to the library as part of the enhancement rotation. During the second half of the year, the library's "flex" schedule allows Mrs. Magyar to collaborate with teachers and students on projects and research. Open checkout is available daily for all grade levels at the teacher's descretion. 
    Circulation Procedure 
    The Williamsburg School library media center has open circulation. Students may check out another book whenever they return the one they have. Children can come to the library daily to return the book they read the night before. The library is open all day for student use and each child, kindergarten through fifth grade, has a library card to use for checkout. Students check their books in and out themselves, using the circulation computers. Students scan their books and place them on the check in carts to return their books. To check out their books, students scan their library cards and then their books at the check out computer. Because they are self-sufficient, students can check out while the librarian is busy with another class.
    Circulation Policy
    Kindergarten and first grade students may check out one book at a time. Second through fifth grade students may check out two books at a time. Books are checked out for two weeks. Students may renew books if they need more time to read them. The Williamsburg School library circulates about 5,000 items a month.
    Students are responsible for the books they check out and will be expected to pay for any book that is lost or badly damaged. There is no charge for accidental tears, but it is important that the child report the damage so it can be properly repaired by the librarian.
    We are very excited to bring to you the fantastic opportunity of our
    eBooks Library - OverDrive
    OverDrive -  Our digital library website: 

    Login information for students:

    Username: (net id)
    Password: (DOB) MonthDayYear

    Ex: 07051980
    (July 05, 1980)
    I'm excited to announce that the NCKids Overdrive library is now available. The North Carolina Legislature and the North Carolina Public Library Directors Association worked together to create the NC Digital Kids E-Book platform for Pre-K to 4th grade e-books.  Many of the books will appeal to students beyond the 4th grade also.
    ​In order to access the ebooks, you just 
    need to know
    ​ ​
    your Library system
    ​ - Rockingham County - 
    and your card number.  
    ​Students who already have a public library card from the bookmobile can begin using this now.  They can also still sign up for a card - I have the forms in my office (English and Spanish).
    ​e web address is: