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RCS District Science Fair Results

January 24, 2017

The Rockingham County Schools 2017 District Science Fair award ceremony was held on January 24, 2017, at Osborne Baptist Church in Eden, NC recognizing students’ achievements in science comprehension and presentation through science project displays.

A total of 84 projects (project entries:  60 elementary, 13 middle and 11 high) were entered in the fair to compete for the chance to advance to the Region 5 Science Fair to be held at Triad Math and Science Academy in Greensboro, NC on February 11, 2017.  First, second, and third place elementary winners will advance to the Regional Competition.  In the middle and high school categories, 1st place winners advance to the Regional Competition.   

The 2017 Science Fair judges were: Mary Doggett, Jim Ivie, Cindy Sarwi, Bill Toth, Alyssa Slater, Val Pyrtle, Laura Rodgers, Michelle Casto, Cathy DeMason, Kimberly Thompson-Hairston, Joan Weisenback, and Bob Wyatt.

All Rockingham County Schools Science Fair award winners are listed below.

Elementary (Grades 3-5)


1st Place        Nathan Sackfield, Logan Rakes

                   Project – The Power in Angle

                   Wentworth Elementary School


2nd Place        Diego Aguilar, Cooper Kirkpatrick, Michael McBride

                   Project – The Nose Knows

                   Huntsville Elementary School


3rd Place        Isaac Durham, Warren Flynt, Colby Garett

                   Project – Game On

                   Central Elementary School


Honorable     Jacob Perkins       

Mention         Project – Bristle Bot Bustle

                   South End Elementary School


Honorable     Kody Godfrey

Mention         Project – The Secret Ingredient

                   New Vision Elementary School


Middle Schools (Grades 6-8)


Biological Science A

 1st Place         Rita Tariq

                   Project – Caffeine

                   Holmes Middle School



Biological Science B


1st Place         Kylie Belter, Thea Dowdle

                   Project – Is Anything Better than Butter?

                   Rockingham County Middle School




1st Place         Megan Yarber, Kierstyn Barrett      

                   Project – Fingerprinting Temperatures

                   Western Rockingham Middle School


2nd Place       Crystal Solache, Jasmine Reyes

                   Project – The Secret is in the Starch

                   Reidsville Middle School


3rd Place        Reagan Boyd

                   Project – Laundry Detergent Showdown

                   Holmes Middle School



Earth Science


1st Place         Breanna McDonough

Project – Clean Water and Clean Energy

Reidsville Middle School



Physical Science


1st Place         Elisha Velazquez

Project – Off the Grid with the Heliotracker

Reidsville Middle School




2nd Place         Emma Ellington, Carole-Ann Page, Kenzie Tate

Project – More Pop Better Movie

                   Rockingham County Middle School


3rd Place        Carolina Wellons, Ainsley Pyrtle

                   Project – The Kingsmen Challenge

                   Holmes Middle School





1st Place         Buddy Wilson

Project – Get Off My Wood

Holmes Middle School


2nd Place         Rachel McGuire

                   Project – Parachutes

                   Western Rockingham Middle School

High Schools (Grades 9-12)


Biological Science A


1st Place         Annie Ni, Cameryn Carelock

          Project – UV Exposure on Bacteria

                   Morehead High School


2nd Place         Anna Thomas       

                   Project – Drinks that Eat

                   Reidsville High School


3rd Place         Patricia Banda

                   Project – Hypoallergenic Detergent

                   Reidsville High School


Biological Science B


1st Place         Amanda Powell, Hannah Matthews

                   Project – Putting Stress to the Test

                   Rockingham County High School


2nd Place       Kevin Martin, Justin O’Neal

                   Project – Isopod Behavior

                   Dalton McMichael High School


3rd Place        Levi Simmons, Victoria Rile

                   Project – Is the Presidency Rigged?

                   Morehead High School




1st Place         Nyla Stockton

                   Project –Do Liquids Evaporate at the Same Rate?

                   Reidsville High School


Earth Science


1st Place         Ethan Pickrell

                   Project – Air Powered Car

                   Redisville High School


Physical Science


1st Place         William Bustos

                   Project – PSI and Distance

                   Morehead High School


2nd Place         Alexis Witt, Eli Peoples

                   Project – Reubens

                   Rockingham Early College High School